Twitter's Cash Register Rings Louder in July

Well, well, well! If it isn't our feathered buddy X, he's sending a message from the digital trees. Is it frightening? Are you worried? Don't worry, guys, the tale continues as we delve into the Twitterverse's, or should we say, X-verse's, financial antics.

Our chirpy buddy has recently experienced some revenue problems, but worry not, for July arrived like a superhero in a cape! Please start the music! Twitter's mobile money machines, often known as applications, strutted their stuff, bringing in a stunning $4.9 million net income. Hold on, that's not even the greatest part! After Apple and Google complete their coin-collecting dance, this enormous stack of cash is the product of the App Store and Google Play tag team.

So, with July's record-breaking revenue, X is back in the game after a hiccup or two. Let's give a virtual high-five to July, shall we? It proudly claimed the title of "Biggest Month of Revenue" in the app's history. Talk about smashing records like a certain green giant smashing through buildings – oh wait, the wrong universe. But you get the picture, right? This July jackpot surged 9% higher than the previous peak in April. Just when you thought you knew what a peak looked like, X swoops in with some peakier peaks.

Now, let's rewind a bit. May and June weren't exactly glamorous for our birdie. The revenue rollercoaster took a nosedive, plummeting 20% in May to a meager $3.6 million. Ouch! June was even more dramatic, making $3.3 million feel like pocket change. Was it the birds building a nest over Twitter's coffers? Nope, it's all about those subscriptions. They're like that one side dish everyone wants at dinner but no one orders. Elon and his gang had hoped for a subscription feast, but the hunger wasn't as strong as they had hoped.

Prepare your popcorn, for the X-verse is full of surprises! Elon decided it was time to divide the wealth - or, at the very least, the ad income - in a twist that would make even the most brilliant movie plot envy. Popular users are now getting a piece of the pie. So, if you're sipping your morning coffee and sharing your daily musings with the rest of the world, know that you're contributing to the ad money bonanza.

The plot thickens, and we eagerly await the next thrilling chapter! But here's the interesting question: With Twitter becoming X and all, will this cash windfall be the norm, or are we in for a rollercoaster ride with a few loop-de-loops? Tune in next month, same X-time, same X-channel, to see if this financial tale gets juicier or if X's wings grow slightly soggy.

So, to summarize in terms that even your pet goldfish can understand: After a few months where its wallet suffered a nasty case of hiccups, X enjoyed a huge, massive wallet-filling triumph in July. Will X continue to fly to new heights, or will it become mired in a revenue riddle? Only time will tell, my friend.

Chart Shows July 2023 was X's (also known as Twitter) Highest Month of Mobile Revenue
Chart courtesy of AppFigures

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