Sony Claims There Will Be No Change In iPhone Sales This Year Amid Slow Demand For Smartphones

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 launch is all set to rise next month but if you think that’s enough to save the tech giant from its dwindling sales stats, then think again.

The leading iPhone maker is getting a reality check from leading brand Sony which is known for developing the sensors of the iPhone camera. Sony just released a statement where it went against its own initial claims that there will be no growth in iPhone sales this year.

They linked the news with the recent update related to a slump in demand for smartphones in not only China but also the US and how that’s really worsening with each passing day.

Moreover, the news is a serious turnaround from its clear in the past related to how the market for smartphones would soon be able to achieve new heights of success and turnarounds, toward the end of 2023. Now, that does not appear to be the case anymore, it adds.

The firm further went on to explain how the news is a mirror reflection of tech giant Apple’s own personal warning linked to Apple not being able to recover from its poor sales and growth figures after the launch of iPhone 15 that will arise by next month.

Apple’s earning calls saw its revenue fall by 1% YoY and that was linked to the current situation in the smartphone market. Moreover, the company also warned that it does not see things changing during the quarter, even when it launches its latest iPhone 15.

As the firm looks at the future, they are expecting the next quarter to have similar results as the previous ones so no high hopes coming off at this end, that’s for sure.

Now, Sony coming on board with the firm’s own pessimism is news as it even offered its own two cents on the current scenario that it feels Apple might be struggling with right now. In the past, we saw Sony mention how it really did wish Apple would attain gains with the arrival of the iPhone 15 in the market.

But as now revealed by Bloomberg, the firm has really altered its mind and the way the market conditions continue to unfold as we speak, things aren’t expected to get any better. In fact, the opposite is taking place.

A lot of emphasis was on the smartphone market recovering during the second part of this year but now, the latest on this front is not seeing any of that sort of behavior arise until the arrival of 2024.

Similarly, we’ve got more news on how Sony is also having production issue with the firm’s phone sensors, keeping in mind the latest lineup for iPhone 15. This might be due to the long list of requirements for making the latest and innovative 48MP sensor that continues to be a challenge for the firm. The latter would be a part of this year’s Plus variants and the base ones too.

While the tech giant is yet to comment on this matter in particular, one analyst was reported as mentioning how the sensor unit failed to produce any gains in terms of profits for 2023. And that might be linked to the same challenge.

The production unit is not making the profits that it once forecasted that it would for 2023’s latest iPhone 15 lineup of sensors. And that means Sony is now moving ahead, keeping that goal in mind for the future, hoping to pay closer attention to detail along the way.

As we know, things would only prove to get harder with time as iPhone 16 would entail advanced sensors and capabilities to function under low light better.

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