Google Surprises Users With New Section Titled ‘From Publishers You Follow’ In Its Search Results

If you happen to be an avid and observant user of Google Search, you may have recently noticed a new change that was never seen before.

The company has seemingly launched a new tab dubbed ‘From Publishers You Follow’ that can be found on the Search Results. This is only if the question you’re implying returns posts from Google’s own publisher that you might be following.

The company rolled out a series of screenshots for better understanding and it was first noted on mobile by Twitter user @mobilanyheter and others on desktop too.

It’s definitely something rare and we are actually not too sure if it’s that new but the tech giant confirmed it is and the fact that it’s super rare to witness such features definitely says a lot as well.

Those who are curious for more information can resort to Twitter’s forum discussion for more but the company is not revealing too much right now regarding it.

We’ll keep you updated on this front, if and when that happens. But we’re curious to know your thoughts on the matter and how you envision such a tab to help the common everyday searcher.

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