Snapchat Makes New Entry Into The World Of Generative AI With Its Dreams Feature

Have you ever imagined yourself entering a realm of dreamscapes? While it might sound surreal to some, the reality is that the popular social media app Snapchat is actually working on bringing this thought to life.

The company is launching a new feature in the world of Generative AI that’s dubbed Dreams. And the new rollout would allow users to put themselves into an imagined dreamscape-like setting.

Several graphic examples were provided to better explain the concept and we feel this Dreams feature would really give users of the app the chance to edit selfies to different depictions while copying how professional tools such as PrimsaAI function. This enables users to really make the most of AI technology in their pictures.

Snap feels this could be a new opening into the realm of content sharing. And today, the company released a press statement on the new launch.

They began by highlighting how its Lenses arose 8 years ago and many users were happy at how they could alter their images via AR technology. Meanwhile, some recent advancements were made in the world of AI technology and that gives apps like Snapchat more room to play with.

Therefore, Dreams is just the step in the right direction as we feel that users can make themselves appear like they’re in a fantasy and then carry on with experimenting with various identities along the way too. That could range from the likes of deep sea themes to mermaids, the Renaissance, and more.

However, one drawback that we are seeing is how the product won’t be completely free and some individuals could see that as a deterring point.

Launches of products and services such as Dreams are clear proof of how the company is working toward experimenting with all kinds of options by which it can make more money. We saw how the popular app launched its Snapchat+ tier and now seeing it charge for making Dreams is definitely going to be interesting.

The feature would produce images that would be stored in users’ Snap Memories and that’s how they can gain access to it and other AI creations. So whenever you want, you can always use AI to build on the picture but that’s only if you are happy with paying.

In the manner by which things have been rolled out in the past, users might be paying as the company has already attained great success through its paid subscription offering, just having close to 4 million users in a span of one year.

The way the company resonates with younger age brackets is amazing and this new feature is clearly designed to facilitate greater engagement and interaction. So spending by youngsters for the app’s features won’t be an issue.

Can we see Dreams becoming a hit in the near future? Absolutely yes and it’s smart of Snap to really get more revenue through launches like these that attract its user base to the core.

You can expect the product’s launch to take place in New Zealand and Australia first. Meanwhile, the global launch is said to follow in the next few weeks.

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