X Makes More Tweaks To Community Notes Including New Alerts Feed And Scoring Algorithms

Elon Musk’s X app is going the extra mile to incorporate some more refinements on the platform to help better stability and enhance greater note ratings.

Some of the changes that have been highlighted so far include a new alerts feed and changes done to the app’s scoring algorithm as revealed today.

For starters, the system’s Notes feature functions on the liking of different inputs that arise from several people who contribute to every note that’s attached to posts. For that, the app sends invites to its members to come forward and provide a rating regarding the data in front of them.

After that’s done, and each note has several votes attached to it from both sides of the spectrum, we’ll see it getting displayed to various app users. For now, the company wants to highlight that approach better by working on notes requiring more reviews to get more engagement and responses.

An example was provided that stated how contributors can now witness new and improved timelines having a Needs Your Help Feature attached to it. You can find that in the Notes tab and it would display notes that need more focus in terms of ratings.

This way, not only will the speed of checking notes get faster but we will be seeing more of those on display through the platform.

On the other hand, more news was revealed regarding how the platform is rolling out a unique scoring algorithm whereby Community Notes can keep tabs on those that continuously appear and disappear.

Since the feature is constantly designed to showcase the consensus viewpoint, votes generated for each of those and against any of them can vary with time. And that means some of the posts are acknowledged and they disappear as more of them start to come in.

The app noticed how this was a major concern when a post put up by Elon Must came to light regarding the thought of getting rid of the blocking feature on the platform.

Therefore, X claims this would cause a decline in the figure for notes that are displayed on the platform but it would even raise the chances that displayed notes would stick to it, as more and more ratings come into play.

It appears that ever since Twitter was rebranded as X, Elon Musk seems to be working the most on bringing changes to its Community Notes offering as it does carry great potential linked to better engagement and adoption while providing greater alternative solutions when it comes down to moderation.

For years, we’ve seen how the app is busy trying to establish how it can get more in line with the expectations that the community has regarding it. This includes limiting the ways through which they’re forced to step in and moderate or produce decisions on so many things on the app.

It looks like they’re less willing to interfere because elements like hate speech are great in terms of business standing as they generate more engagement for the app. This leads to greater debate and discussions on the subject and that’s always welcoming when any app is concerned.

For so long, we’ve seen Meta CEO Zuckerberg mention how important it is to practice free speech and see what’s being told. And the same goes for tech billionaire Elon Musk who has from day one, supported the likes of free speech in every shape or form.

Therefore, this is why it’s logical in terms of why so many people are willing to lean more toward attaining free speech where they do not wish to interfere.

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