Snapchat Launches New Lens Creator Rewards Program For AR Lens Makers

In the world of social media apps, there’s one integral component that users fail to see. And that’s linked to the manner by which creators on these platforms get rewarded for their hard work and efforts, in an attempt to better the app.

Therefore, keeping that very notion in mind, Snapchat has decided to further reward its creators through the rollout of its Lens Creator Rewards program. The latter will be reserved for AR lens makers, the firm added.

The news was revealed through a recent FAQ session where the organization detailed more about the program and how it’s a pilot scheme that runs for as long as Snap wants it to. And by the looks of it, it appears like only a single creator would be chosen every month and they would be earning close to $7200 depending on how much engagement they attain in regions like the US, Mexico, and even India. But obviously, the figure rewarded would depend on the performance.

Snap mainly has its eyes on just three nations and they’re designed to evaluate the performance of the program. However, that does not mean other nations won’t be allowed to participate.

This includes Algeria, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, Sweden, Jordan, Spain, and so many more.

Snap also outlined how any Lens Creators out there today would probably benefit by paying Lens Studio a great visit and seeing if they meet the desired checklist of eligibility. Moreover, those creators that do offer their Lenses for submission and become applicable for a reward will now receive push alerts on the app and payments via the company’s Hyperwallet collaborative partner.

This decision made by Snap is one that encourages creators for Lens to roll out more entries so that it can benefit from winning rewards. In the same way, we’ll see it attracting a lot of attention from everyone that is still hesitant to produce content on the app.

As a whole, we feel this new initiative is going to be a great choice for all of the creators that use lenses and continue to submit more and more each day. Hence, it just serves as an incentive to do better when you know that at the end of the day, you’ll be rewarded for that. And there’s no better feeling.

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