LinkedIn Tests An Innovative Integration With Microsoft Designer For Advanced Picture Creation

LinkedIn is experimenting with an innovative integration alongside Microsoft Designer.

A tweet shared by Lindsey Gamble shows this feature in action. This feature could give rise to the most advanced type of picture development and a long list of tools that can be used to carry out visual edits on the app directly.

As one can witness through examples, the latest integration is going to give rise to better AI tools that really flow well on the app and allow users to add text prompts which end up making visual elements.

Users will then be allowed to make use of templates and produce GIFs, while also generating videos and not even be forced to leave the platform too.

Microsoft which happens to be LinkedIn’s parent company added its Designer program in 2022 and that’s focused on launching visuals of the highest quality that depend on text prompts.

You see all of this through examples related to how generative AI technology can build up content that would give rise to social posts. At the end of the day. It gives rise to the best complements for the LinkedIn app. Moreover, adding that to LinkedIn may really turn out to be a major update.

At the moment, the feature is in the testing phase and so only a handful of users would be able to make the most of this integration. Once you have that, you can witness another icon pop up on the screen’s bottom. And after clicking on it, you’re transported to a new Designer endeavor that allows you to play with various visual options too.

We can really see this turning into a huge addition and one that users will fall in love with it. For now, we’ll be keeping you updated on any information related to this rollout.

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