More Than 50% Of Green Climate Activists Have Abandoned Twitter After Musk Taking Charge

A shocking new report is shedding light on how most users who frequently tweeted about subjects like climate change have now opted to abandon the app due to Elon Musk taking over.

The research experts have started to shed light on how the platform which is now dubbed X had been at the forefront in terms of an area where people would vent out their frustrations and devise effective strategies to combat the threats related to the environment.

Now, that notion has disappeared and it’s alarming how most people that once cared so much have opted to leave as they found the app no longer the same as before, with billionaire Elon Musk in the lead.

The authors who recently rolled out the study mentioned how the platform was at the forefront and one where health discussions on the environment used to take place, left and right. That’s no longer the case.

People still do care about the environment but what they do not seem to be bothered by is the means by which they’re informing others about taking action against climate change.

And it’s surprising because Elon Musk takes great pride in calling himself a leader in this regard. He feels that his ideology of free speech is going to reduce the app’s content moderation workforce and bring about a positive influence. But right now, that’s far from the case.

Elon Musk’s X app is in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. New studies show how there’s a growth in misinformation linked to the climate and a rise in hate speech-related content as well. Moreover, you’ll find more and more people talking about climate change denial on the app where Musk seems to be in charge.

The researchers took into consideration close to 380,000 individuals that used to use the app regularly to generate tweets related to topics like global warming and more. But just six months since Elon Musk was heading the firm, a massive change was seen. When compared with a control group comprising 458k that tweeted about American politics, we saw them get inactive soon too.

The matter now seems to be more linked to the fact that Twitter was once this huge power with this giant forum. You would see all of these people sharing ideas and the effects they had on some individuals. People were taking more action and giving stakeholders power through various sectors. But seeing them disappear, out of the blue, is really disheartening. It’s like the entire Twitter community has fallen into a decline.

The study was just recently published as a part of the Trends in Ecology Journal and it’s really eye-opening as to how trends have changed in such a short span of time. Experts also are not sure where exactly the trend appears to be going right now. Some feel it’s leading to other social media apps like Mastodon, Instagram, or perhaps Threads.

H/T: TheGuardian

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