LinkedIn Becomes Target Of New Wave Of Account Hacks Where Users Get Locked Out After Being Hijacked By Attackers

LinkedIn is being called out as the latest target for a new wave of hacking attempts done by attackers who lock out users for a number of security reasons or simply hijack their accounts.

The reports published this week by a cyber security firm Cyberint say a lot of users of the platform are generating complaints linked to their accounts being taken over or people getting locked out. And when they try and reach out for help from the app’s support team, they get little to no assistance on the matter.

Some users have even opted to give into the pressure of paying an amount for ransom that would regain control and may even resort to account deletion when they have no other option. And while the company is yet to issue any notice on the matter officially, there seems to be an increase in the time taken to generate a response as some claim that the volume of such calls for help keeps on increasing with each passing day.

Most complaints that were published online through apps like Reddit, Twitter, and others had users complaining about how LinkedIn’s Support team failed miserably in terms of getting people’s accounts back. So many people were just so frustrated by the response that was generated or better yet, the lack of response that was coming in their direction. For readers context, that's not just case with the Microsoft LinkedIn, most of the social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and X formerly Twitter have somewhat same level of customer service experience in case an account gets hacked.

One user explained how their account underwent a hacking attempt close to a week back. And along the way, their email got changed with no chance of them being able to stop the change. Moreover, they got no response from any location and it was just pathetic, to say the least. When they made an attempt to report the act, they were again left with no response, despite following the long list of guidelines to confirm and verify their identity.

In the end, it was called out as a company that was nothing less than a sheer joke by those being affected by this new security threat.

Media outlet Cyberint claims there are also some leading signs linked to a breakout that could be seen getting reflected through Google Trends as well. This is where you’d commonly see people searching for all sorts of things linked to hacked accounts on LinkedIn and how to attain recovery when such an unfortunate incident arose. And the figure had risen by close to 5000% in the past few months, showing how the issue is very recent and very annoying with people feeling helpless and using their own assistance to get help.

Experts claim the attackers might be making use of credentials that were leaked so they could take greater control of a bigger figure of accounts on the app.

Even if the account had the protection of stronger passwords and other means of providing verification that the user was indeed at the forefront when signing in, those users were locked out on a temporary basis only and were soon able to regain access within no time.

What’s the solution to such a problem? Well, you might want to recheck your 2FA and strengthen it, experts claim.

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