Microsoft Edge Attains New Option That Allows Users To Export Their Browsing History As A CSV File

Software giant Microsoft has recently made history after attaining a new option that will soon be up for grabs to its Edge Canary browser users.

The company is reportedly said to be working on a brand new feature that is extremely useful but not just that, it’s never been seen on any leading browser, including Google Chrome too.

We’re talking about a rollout that gives users the chance to export browsing histories as a CSV file. The feature would be up for grabs on Windows 11 and a few other platforms. And it gives them the chance to allow for easy shifting among some of the biggest versions of the Edge software.

This feature was first spotted by Leopeva64 whose tweets show it's currently in development phase. And while most people won’t be able to test it just yet, in case you do end up seeing it get ticked as enabled on the installation, don’t be surprised.

After you install the latest version, you will see immediately witness the terms Export Browsing Data below the tab for History on the Menu Bar. After that, you click the place where you would want the history to get saved.

Another method would be to enable that through manual means but this would include altering properties of the file.

Those wishing for the file and the history to come together, that won’t be happening as no interface is currently available for that just yet. However, some reports are talking about dragging files above the Edge window and enabling the browser to import just that.

The option is a huge deal and browsers are putting out options to add in history for browsing through a series of more web browsers, but still aren’t giving you chances to export data.

In most situations, browsing data gets synced via browsers with ease, only requiring users to have Microsoft Edge accounts, an account on Google Chrome, and accounts on Firefox or Apple Safari.

To witness Microsoft give plenty of users control of their browsing activity through other means such as this is a huge deal. It means putting less reliance on Microsoft to conduct the task. Those who would like to set up Edge accounts on a desktop means being able to export CSV files and then import them on the new computer, picking them up from the exact spot that you left while conducting an online search.

But wait, you just may wish to hold that breath. The Edge browser is definitely a playground where plenty of innovative features are up for grabs. But that does not mean we would be seeing it get transferred to the most stable version of the browser just yet.

Nevertheless, it’s great to have great expectations. Moreover, we feel the initiative is great and a major deal that most people will definitely appreciate for obvious reasons. What do you think?

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