Google Unveils Redesigned Version Of Its Arts & Culture App For Android Users

Search engine giant Google is rolling out a new and revamped variant of its popular Arts & Culture app. This updated platform is up for grabs for those making use of Android devices but that does not mean iOS users need to break a sweat. We’re going to be seeing a similar launch coming soon for iOS users too.

The new redesigning arrives with some exciting features including a rollout called Poem Postcards. This would enable you to select any art piece and make use of the tech giant’s PaLM 2 model that creates AI-generated poems to accompany it. Moreover, this feature is currently found on the company’s website and even its Android app right now as well.

One recently published blog post by the company went on to shed light on the matter and how the Arts and Culture app is known for promoting the most diverse content out there today. There are close to 3000 partners from all over the world who offer places where people may engage alongside a wide array of cultural contributions on offer.

This is also where they are given the chance to explore all kinds of common threads via a cultural lens.

The app has been present for the past ten years and there is a huge array of information up for grabs regarding innovative art pieces, their mediums for construction, the name of the artist, dimensions included, and the type of art on display.

The latest variant currently has three labels toward the end of the navigation menu. You simply press on the tab that says Inspire and you’ll be blown away at how a TikTok-themed content feed arises. The only difference is that it would be displaying artifacts, ancient pieces, and cultural works as well. You may select the type of content that you’d like to see more often by resorting back to the Inspire Tab.

Another chance is the repositioning of the buttons for Sharing and Liking posts. These would both be found toward the screen’s bottom right. Similarly, you may find similar types of art and content via a few simple clicks through a cultural flywheel. Another button called What’s Next on the platform would even be up for grabs.

Search engine giant Google mentioned how the feature would alter with time as it attains more ways to co-relate posts across the app.

Last but not least, Google speaks about the redesigning of the Play button that would allow users to experiment with all sorts of features such as Art Selfies. This makes use of a computer vision form of technology that matches their faces with those seen in the art masterpieces.

In the same way, another unique and intriguing feature that’s dubbed Art Transfer would enable users to transfer style via ancient masterpieces, directly to their own images. How cool is that?

We’re not sure about you but we’re definitely curious about the launch and how exciting things are sounding right now.

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