Microsoft Bids Farewell To Its Virtual Assistant Cortana Forever

Software giant Microsoft has confirmed recently that it’s saying goodbye to its virtual assistant that it launched back in the year 2014.

The assistant who was called Cortana will no longer be a part of Microsoft Windows. The feature allowed users to carry out a wide range of tasks through voice commands. But it now appears that the company is giving up on the older virtual assistant after its Windows 11 undergoes a revamping that would officially remove it.

For those wondering why the company has opted for such a change, well, the answer is simple. They want to place more emphasis on the greatness of AI, that’s all.

The news was confirmed recently by a post published by media outlet Windows Latest which claims the app got a new update through Microsoft, after nearly two whole years. It was not attaining any new features and instead, this update was really killing Cortana in a manner that showed messages outlining Cortana in Windows would no longer be able to function on its own.

Meanwhile, the firm’s latest support article was seen delineating how the app would continue to be up for grabs on various apps such as Outlook and even Microsoft Teams. But that wouldn’t be lasting long either. Moreover, the firm behind Windows explained how there seems to be more emphasis on the likes of Bing Search as well as Windows Copilot. And both of them get powered via Generative AI technology.

It would all begin in the month of August and that’s when we would see that it does not provide support for Cortana on its devices as a platform alone. But you may still attain access to the app’s powerful productivity seen on both Edge as well as Windows. And both of them have better AI capabilities.

The computational giant further elaborated upon how excited they appear to be in terms of innovation and making use of AI to work smarter and at a swifter pace than normal.

As per the article by Windows, Cortana would be completely shut down in the next few weeks. So all previous versions of the Windows software would no longer be providing it.

Do we really see this as something that’s surprising? Not really, because both Microsoft and OpenAI are combining toward a single goal and that’s enhancing ChatGPT. Therefore, it won’t be any surprise to see the firm give up on the age-old assistant and take up advanced technology instead.

This brings us to a new discussion. Does this mean iPhone maker Apple should start to do the same for its virtual assistant called Siri?

Apple has given Siri all of its machine learning power and therefore, you can do a lot of functions through its capabilities. But now the question is what does shut down mean and what should it be replaced with?

If you’re talking about the voice part, then what would tech giant Apple be using instead? Yes, the complaints from users on this front are plenty but some really do rely on Siri for many things. And if Siri is shut down, what about other smart assistants like HomePod and its mini version? Would they be shut down too?

It’s all actually very tricky to sort out and the news comes right after Tim Cook had the earnings call of Apple be discussed with investors. The company says it's been in plenty of discussions regarding Generative AI for so long.

We’ve even heard about Apple creating a technology that competes with the world-famous ChatGPT too. But as one can imagine, Apple is very behind in the race with Google and Microsoft leading the pack.

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