Meta’s VR Avatars Are Finally Getting Legs With Live Testing After Much Anticipation From Users

A major update is being done on the Meta platform after the company opted to include legs for its VR avatars.

The tech giant says it’s rolling out the feature for its Quest v57 that will now undergo live testing.

Images were recently shared by media outlet UploadVR that shows how the VR characters are getting legs so all those complaining about them resembling genies in a virtual space are bound to be happy with this rollout.

The fact that the avatars were legless for so long was truly a subject of much debate and criticism. Also, most people referred to it as a half-avatar.

But the company kept on claiming that it was working on that front and even confirmed how it’s definitely not the easiest of features to stimulate because such headsets don’t have any kind of leg sensors. Therefore, when it comes down to the tracking of leg movements, it’s all very limited.

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Therefore, to find a solution to the growing problem, we saw the company speak about how it created a new endeavor dubbed QuestSim. This would make use of AI technology to predict what the avatar’s legs may be doing while engaging in different types of VR endeavors.

These hints could be in the form of cues arising from tracking movements of other regions on the body like the head area or the arm region. And that would assist in predicting where the legs might be at any point.

We don’t think that it is the best way for Facebook’s parent firm to invest, in terms of AI resources. However, the fact that people simply couldn’t bear the legless avatars anymore called for a desperate move.

Let’s not forget how the firm is really looking forward to conducting an expansion into Horizon Worlds and giving rise to greater access to mobile devices too. So as one can imagine, the demand for legs on avatars was certainly putting a lot of pressure on the company.

An example displayed how the characters on the app’s mobile version for Horizon feature legs aren’t linked to interactions done through VR headsets.

The hope of tech giant Meta has been linked to opening up a greater level of access to the platform to mobile phone users so that more people can enter its social space region. Let’s not forget how they hope to target gamers into the realm and that could further attract users toward the much anticipated Metaverse too.

For now, we are well aware that despite Meta’s push, the Metaverse has been a far-fetched reality with more advanced game versions and tools on the lookout for being launched as people are interested.

If the company can really get more of its non-VR fans on board into the mobile app, it can have more people investing in the company’s vision.

Believe it or not, digital legs are a point of attraction for many and that’s why their coming to VR is a huge deal than what it may sound right now.

We saw the tech giant conduct the initial stage of experiments for VR avatar legs and that can only be seen from the viewpoint of a third person. However, it’s coming and it’s great to see them acknowledging the concerns of many of its users.

In other news, the company is also conducting an expansion of its features for parental supervision. This would introduce some great timing restrictions for the Horizon Worlds. Similarly, we saw the company also bring down the user age brackets for those who wish to enter its VR realm.

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