Meta's Canadian News Drama: Why the Content Disappears!

Lights, camera, action! Are you bored of hearing Twitter, AKA "X" drama, every day? Well, not anymore, because something spicy is waiting for you up ahead. And believe me, you won't want to miss it! Meta, once known as Facebook, has made a big move in Canada, and news outlets are not pleased. They've begun eliminating news stories from Facebook and Instagram, leaving Canadians perplexed.

Why, you could ask? It's all because Canada's Online Journalistic Act requires digital behemoths like Meta and Google to pay for journalistic material. What's more, guess what? Meta is dissatisfied with this script. They believe the legislation is founded on a "fundamentally flawed premise." It's like the unexpected story twist! Any guesses where would that lead to?

In a tweet, Andy Stone, Meta's representative, stated unequivocally that their only alternative to comply with the legislation is to shut down the news in Canada. They're pulling the curtain down on the entire news show!

But wait, there's a subplot!

For months, Meta has argued that news stories account for less than 3% of what consumers see in their Facebook feeds. "Hey, it's just a tiny part of the big picture!" they say. They also say that the clicks they deliver to news publishers are worth $173 million in free marketing. That's like a superhero rescuing the struggling news outlets!

Meanwhile, Google, another internet behemoth in this Canadian drama, refuses to participate. They have declared that they would remove links to Canadian news sites from search results. Google's head of global affairs, Kent Walker, termed the new law "the wrong approach to supporting journalism in Canada." It's like a battle of tech titans, with both refusing to bow down to the script!

But, hey, not everyone is opposed to this law. The Canadian parliament approved the Online News Act with 207 votes in favor and 116 votes against. Supporters see it as a valiant effort to save the country's struggling journalism business. They claim that large platforms like Meta and Google have taken the majority of advertising money, leaving news outfits fighting to exist.

Chris Brittle of Canada's ruling Liberal Party even revealed some startling numbers, claiming that 450 journalistic outlets in the country disappeared between 2008 and 2021. That's like a movie series with too many sequels!

And now for the big reveal: Brittle feels Meta and Google should pay up since they garnered a whopping 80% of the country's $10 billion in ad revenue in 2020. It's like the heroes of the digital world being asked to share their treasure with the struggling news industry!

So, what will happen next in this Canadian news drama? Will Meta and Google cave into the law, or will they stand firm? Will news information triumphantly return, or will it fade into obscurity on social media? My friends, only time will tell! In the meantime, keep an eye out for the next exciting episode of "Meta vs. Canada: The Battle for News Content!"

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