Meta Confirms It Will Initially Ship A 1000-Pair Sample Batch Of Its AR Glasses Next Year

As we get closer to the end of 2023, there’s a lot of pressure riding on tech giant Meta and its AR glasses which were scheduled for a launch soon.

Now, Facebook’s parent firm appears to be revising its strategy and enabling the company to rethink the business model completely so that it better suits its chances of success.

This means saying hello to the shipment of just a 1000-pair AR glasses range which it hopes to launch for some early testers by 2024.

The news comes to us thanks to The Information who adds how the tech giant would be taking on a similar business strategy as Snap Chat in creating just a small test batch for AR products to see how the response is. And those getting their hands on the product would include a group of early samplers who would be requested to provide feedback.

Remember, the Snap Inc. company lost out on millions in terms of the initial production of its Spectacles range so to avoid something like that happening here, it’s clear why Meta has opted to devise this strategy and take on such an approach. This would be right before a complete blowout release arises commercially for the masses in the year 2027.

As it is, the firm’s AR Glasses range has gone through numerous delays, and a lot of that was linked to problems with hardware and trouble with managing the costs of products as the tech giant tries hard to work its way through the current downturn in its business that continues to arise from poor advertising spending.

Only recently, we saw how the firm taking over microLED producer Plessey caused more misery as it did not actually deliver the sort of results that people had hoped for initially. This again was linked to issues regarding the company incorporating Plessey into its hardware and systems.

Let’s not forget how Meta has also failed terribly in its entry into the wearable domain as its Ray-Ban Stories also failed to hit the mark and catch on. Moreover, just a tiny fraction of the 300,000 product range were actually sold or used and that’s beyond disappointing, considering how massive the hype was.

But tech giant Meta refuses to look back and will continue to push ahead with its AR production with some necessary tweaks along the way. After all, Zuckerberg sees this as a huge component of its vision of the Metaverse. Moreover, the firm is trying hard to add all sorts of technical advances under one banner through such products that get tied to its metaverse push. See, the goal is to combine users into the current trending digital world and see how they respond.

Clearly, it’s not as easy as many leading tech firms had hoped for as the results are just satisfactory, to say the least.

Furthermore, the company is having issues linked to finding the right materials for the production of its devices. Some of those go against regulations for exports while the aim is to ensure the right complete production process is in full swing for the glasses range.

This is all just going to be a huge experiment and we’ll see the test batch arriving soon, as early as next year. But the response would be crucial in terms of being the actual driver for the upcoming development stage.

So if you happened to be really interested in grabbing a hold of the AR glasses by Meta, please fasten your seatbelts for a while longer and enjoy the ride because the journey isn’t complete yet.

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