Meta Agrees To Attain Consent Before User Data Collection For Targeting Advertising In Europe

Tech giant Meta is willing to attain consent from European users before it begins data collection to fulfill its targeted advertising.

The tech giant says this new proposal is another way to prove to the world that it’s trying hard to end the dispute that has been surfacing with the EU for quite some time now. The latter has to do with targeted advertising and its related legality.

The firm added a new proposal to try and get rid of the dispute which lasted for a good year or so. Hence, it’s now trying to do everything in its power to get back into good books and carryout its ad operations with a sense of positivity.

But that does not usually mean good news for Facebook’s parent firm as it might certainly backfire and drastically affect its targeted advertising operations. Moreover, Meta claims that marketers would continue to be in the position to market their advertising campaigns across Europe, no matter what.

The reason why this news is shocking is that if many Europeans say no to this idea of data collection then Meta will attain fewer signals to outline the interests and various behaviors of its user market. And without such stats at the forefront, we won’t be seeing the firm building an audience for the sake of advertising. In the end, it would just put this weak title on everything.

And above all, marketers could also reduce ad spending on the apps owned by Meta and that could cause a decline in the value of Meta’s advertising space.

As far as when this would be taking place is concerned, the company says consent would be sought very soon and could turn out to be a leading obstacle. It really may take around three months or so to come into play. And that certainly means tech giant Meta may be forced into asking for consent as early as October this year from its European user base.

We do know that Meta has already suggested waiting for 2024 and that’s when it hopes to renew its policy so it coincides with changes made to the EU rules. But no definite timeline is announced yet.

But we will surely keep you updated on that front, whenever the latest news comes out.

For now, we just know that Meta continues to make more and more suggestions about renewing its policy and making the right changes after conducting a meeting alongside Ireland’s DPC which is the top privacy regulator.

It has undergone a long series of meetings regarding the subject and the commission and we do know that a lot of advice in the form of advisory guidelines was provided depending on how it can improve better and be more aligned with the rules in the EU.

Only with these updates will the firm feel more confident now than ever to make sure it stuck to the laws of the EU.

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