Google Lays Off Members Of Its Assistant Team In Bid To Empower It With Generative AI

With the world of generative AI taking center stage as we speak, tech giant Google is now making a bold decision to incorporate that into Assistant too.

The search engine leader says it wishes to update the program with some breakthrough features that would be similar to that seen in ChatGPT and Bard. This news was confirmed by tech media outlet Axios today.

The decision came in the form of an email where Google informed its workforce about the need to begin an exploration of a whole new kind. It hopes this addition would supercharge Assistant with a new type of innovation where machine learning models would assist along the way.

This means bidding farewell to the team that looked after Assistant as now, more focus was on AI as compared to all others. And you’ll be amazed how the decision was taken so fast that a huge chunk of the team is working on the program already, starting off with the mobile division.

So those who once played a minor role in Assistant might be getting the boot or would simply be allocated elsewhere, it added as the figure for roles would dramatically decrease as more emphasis was on technology than human power. For now, we’re not clear how many people would be affected by this decision but from what Axios is reporting, dozens are getting fired.

The company says that right now, it’s very focused on making Assistant better and they feel optimistic about the bigger and brighter future that’s right in front of them.

Similarly, the tech giant is not elaborating more on the various types of features it hopes to add to its Assistant and there are also some top-notch possibilities of what could be on the cards. But with Google hush on the matter, it’s hard to predict what may or may not come out of it.

However, that does not mean experts are not betting on the types of features that it hopes to include next to Assistant including using the same innovations seen on Bard and ChatGPT where it can provide a reply after being given a command.

Each month, Google claims millions of users resort to Assistant and that is why they are truly committed to providing them with top-of-the-line experiences. And now, the addition of large language models may assist with supercharging its Assistant so that it can further improve.

For now, we are not aware of when this breakthrough technology is coming to the company but one thing is for sure. Its addition to a long list of home products that use smart technology is raising concerns so that is another major controversy the company needs to think about.

After all, no one wants their privacy comprised and the list of implications that could potentially bring with it. Do you agree?

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on that front.

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