Google Makes Key Changes To Takeout That Enable Data Sharing with Third Parties

Tech giant Google has succumbed to the pressure of being called out as a data hogger.

The company has decided to roll out two major changes to its Takeout platform that would enable ease of data sharing with operators belonging to third parties.

Google has been called out for years as a company that fails to enable data sharing with ease so others can benefit. And this was a major issue that some other firms including Hoga from Italy had, voicing the concerns in detail last year.

This led to a huge investigation by authorities taking place and they’re now speaking about giving Google the green light to carry out a three-point plan of action for the Takeout app so that it would enable the organization to get out of the sticky mess and make others including third parties happy.

For those people who might not be aware, Google has a huge reputation for being a company that fails to give you all the data related to you as it feels it has the right to take part in such anti-competitive behavior. But one place where you can probably get what you’re looking for is the firm’s Takeout initiative.

It is outlined as your main go-to location where you can export almost anything and everything that the search engine has related to your firm. With that being said, many companies noted how Google really makes a firm struggle when it comes down to getting personal details out there through apps owned by the organization.

While it might not appear like a huge deal right now, the behavior gets worse as its parent firm works through a monopoly means on so many industries linked to the digital services sector.

The concerns were called out and tech giant Google started to violate policies linked to Article 20 of the famous GDPR Act. But if it is indeed guilty of the actions, it might be seeing a major fine as compensation which could entail 10% of the global sales taking place each year and that’s close to billions.

So to get out of this huge mess, several changes are getting allocated on Google Takeout while it’s only rolling out a new program that’s solely reserved for data-sharing purposes. The first two are linked to features that allow data to be exported to third parties while the final one is linked to a rollout called Data Transfer Project so data may be exchanged between Google and the YouTube app toward third parties.

Details are not being unveiled a lot but other than going down the hard route of downloading piles and piles of data through manual means, you can now use a new tool that gives the user access to personal information after gaining approval.

For now, that’s in development and we could be seeing releases arise during Q1 of 2024. The tech giant also vows to roll out a beta variant of the tool so third parties can experiment with it and provide necessary feedback for improvement, right before a launch ensues.

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