Excess Social Media Consumption Is Giving Rise To The Phubbing Trend And It’s Hurting Relationships, New Study Proves

While the benefit of using social media and technology, in general, are plenty, the disadvantages can never be ignored.

A new study is highlighting the damaging effects that arise with using too many social networking apps and that includes a ridiculous concerning trend called phubbing.

It’s simple to understand that when you’re out with your partner for dinner, the biggest turn-off would be to engage in your smartphone, instead of giving the person in front of you attention. Now the act of giving your phone more attention than the person seated right in front of you is designated as phubbing. And as you can imagine, people are feeling snubbed by technology while those engaging in the act aren’t even aware of what’s taking place.

It’s not only about romantic dates but corporate gatherings or family reunions. The practice is really taking a negative toll on relationships and it has actually turned into a trend that’s baffling, to say the least.

And in case you’re still wondering where the term phubbing came from. Well, it arises from snubbing, which is the feeling of being left out. Hence, when you merge a phone with snubbing, it’s phubbing!

The arrival of the trend made us search online to gain further insights about the subject. And it’s amazing how many people have issued complaints on this front. It’s like they’re fed up with the act to such a major extent that it’s not even funny anymore.

People have added a new hashtag that makes it easier for others to search for posts linked to the act on TikTok, for instance. And people are not happy with how things are taking center stage, especially considering the fact that the trend is on the rise with no hope of slowing down.

New publications are even including the term as a part of their titles. They’re diving down deep to research more about how it can drastically take a toll on relationships and communication skills linked to it.

Recent research took 712 married people into evaluation from different cities in Turkey. And that’s where they were subject to questionnaires that enlisted close to 10 mobile-based activities. Each of those was linked to using mobile phones and how they disturbed the entire mode of communication online. It also put into the spotlight how some individuals were super obsessed with technology. And as you can imagine, the greater the score, the more the individuals were phubbed.

But the real finding was linked to higher phubbing scores being linked to lower figures for marriage satisfaction. Clearly, it’s not shocking, to say the least. But amongst all the negative findings, there was one once of positivity worth a mention. And that’s linked to those people who had better communication skills scored less in phubbing and had higher marriage satisfaction figures.

Of course, phubbing is a major deterrent to healthy relationships. Why would anyone appreciate you texting, putting out emojis, or simply choosing technology over direct communication? We’re not the least bit surprised. What about you?

So, what’s the solution? Well, experts feel it’s high time the matter was discussed in public. And more studies are needed to figure out the right way to combat the issue. But common sense tells us to put the phone away when you’ve got a loved one or a colleague or a boss standing in front of you. It’s just logical to give one to one attention than dig your head into your phone.

No matter how important things may be, stop scrolling and leave it for later when you’re alone. It’s amazing how far small tips like these can go.

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