ChatGPT's Summer Slump: Will Back-To-School Bring Back the Buzz?

Hold tight because the ChatGPT traffic roller coaster has taken a wild dip! For the second month in a row, our favorite AI oracle's popularity has dwindled quicker than melting ice cream on a hot day. Similarweb said June witnessed a 9.7% dip, and July followed suit with a 9.6% reduction.

But what caused this sudden slump? Some believe it is the infamous "school's out" effect. You know how it is, don't you? When the weather shines, and the kids are out of school, they would rather be at the beach making sandcastles than talking with ChatGPT. It's not as cool as sand between your toes, AI.

Chegg, an EdTech guru, appears to subscribe to the same notion. They've seen their website traffic plummet like a leaking balloon, and they assume kids prefer ChatGPT to their homework assistance services. Ouch, that has hurt!

You may be wondering if this is a one-time occurrence or a long-term pattern. In June, traffic to in the United States fell by 28.3%. But wait, we can't fully blame ChatGPT. Some of that might just be the regular seasonal drop following college exams and graduation. After surviving a semester, students like to party like there's no tomorrow!

But wait, there's more to this thrilling tale. ChatGPT's website was launched in November 2022, so we can't yet compare its performance year over year. However, global traffic to fell 9.7% in June and 9.6% in July. ChatGPT traffic fell 15% in the United States in June and another 4% in July. That's not the type of fame AI fantasizes about!

ChatGPT is popular among college-aged people. They account for more than a quarter of its global and US audiences. ChatGPT appears to be the superhero sidekick for the "cool kids" of the digital world!

Regarding global traffic, ChatGPT is still greater than the Bing search engine in the AI chatbot competition. But hey, the margin is narrowing! Some AI enthusiasts might be cozying up to Bing Chat, which uses OpenAI's super algorithms.

So, what's next for ChatGPT and the company? Last year, ChatGPT took off like a rocket in the digital realm, startling everyone. But the excitement has worn off, and the ride is leveling off. Don't worry, AI; even in the virtual world, we all have ups and downs!

We share your suffering, Chegg, but the stats reveal your traffic has been on a roller coaster since early 2022, long before ChatGPT interrupted the party. Perhaps it's time to enlist the help of artificial intelligence investigators to solve this traffic mystery.

Meanwhile, Chegg has its own AI tricks up its sleeve. They created the CheggMate AI helper with OpenAI's powerful GPT-4 model. That's right, folks, generative AI is taking over, and Chegg doesn't want to miss the AI party bus!

As summer vacation ends, we wonder if ChatGPT's traffic will return with a fury. Will the return to school bring back the AI enthusiasts and curious brains seeking ChatGPT wisdom? My friends, only time will tell. Let's sit back, relax, and enjoy the AI show!

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