Android And iOS Witness 24% Rise In In-App Purchases During H1 2023

The latest stats from leading software company Tenjin are out regarding H1 2023 and there were some clear shakeups worth a mention.

Most people usually consider drops in eCPMs as a measure of declining success as they take it as the way through which monetization of digital content takes place. Recent stats proved that while the eCPM fell by 26% across Android, we saw a smaller decrease of 12% occur for iOS during H2 of last year and H1 of this year.

Remember, ad monetization continues to stay stronger than ever and is a crucial component of today’s digital landscape. See, you’ve got to create a balance between the different types of models that are up for grabs in terms of monetization. Only then can you expect to control the whole landscape better.

Meanwhile, the report was seen highlighting the fact that there was a major rise in the figure for purchases done through apps of both Android and iOS, where a growth of 24% was seen.

That’s truly great news and proof of how game developers are really making the most of all the hybrid monetization opportunities out there today, implementing each as it comes their way.

Coming down to regional differences, the report failed to highlight too much of a change as far as the leading nations are concerned in terms of combined app installations for Android. But for iOS, we’re seeing the UK overtake the likes of China, Germany, and even Japan.

There are so many changes arising in the landscape for iOS and that’s resulting in more app developers and even ad providers to better their business models.

Seeing the United Kingdom take center stage as a leading user hub and possible source of revenue means saying hello to advertisers that wish to customize campaigns that are in line with UK users’ choices. And by altering such monetization strategies, it may even attract the upcoming user base in the country which is a signal for greater subscriptions and more purchases done on the app.

Such changes are also putting into perspective the significance of comprehending what the locals do prefer in terms of ads and monetization for apps. Remember, as the United Kingdom’s uprising occurs, so many other countries may follow in its footsteps with greater app engagement.

Remember, more developers and those putting out ads could remain flexible and would also be open to change as they take user behavior into consideration from across the board.

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