Android 14 Will Allow Users To Switch Off Permission Alerts For Full-Screen Ads

There’s nothing more irritating than an ad that pops out of nowhere on your device when you happen to be viewing an online post.

But many service providers tend to argue about how such ads are necessary as they help many institutions such as apps and websites generate revenue. Yet again, we do think there’s a very thin line that arises between those ads which can be acceptable and those which are too overpowering to look at. And by that, we mean those that take up your whole screen.

Not only do such ads waste your time, they are so difficult to shut. But we’re grateful that Android 14 is finally bringing forward a change that so many will adore for obvious reasons.

Now, users of the device can manually turn off notification permissions coming through apps for ads. This would be a chance to better combat the issue, making users happy.

Most apps make use of an alert called Use Full Screen Intent Permission whereby they try to bombard users with this. You can switch it on or off as per your will. And by disabling that, the platforms have a difficult time bombarding you with ad popups that are a clear nuisance for many viewers.

We agree that this might not be the sole way through which ad providers cover your screens with ads, but it’s one of them. And to get rid of it is like a breath of fresh air.

This kind of permission appears to be one which is used by clock apps that display calls and alarm alerts on full screens, especially when the screen is not on. Moreover, by switching it off, no more apps can display such ads in full-screen size completely.

Google says it hopes this change gives its users the freedom to switch permissions on as well as off. Furthermore, it won’t grant permission via default to those platforms which are downloaded via Play Store beginning this year.

But some exceptions to the rule do exist including dialer apps and your alarm clock. The phone’s system won’t cancel permission if the user downloaded the app before the arrival of Android 14. Hence, if you’ve got any that might be in need of turning such a feature off, feel free to do that manually, after an update is made on the phone.

Android 14 is set to arrive very soon so this change would be accompanying that any day.

H/T: Mishaal Rahman

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