Beyond Entertainment: Decoding Social Media Habits - What Users Do on Each Platform

In the fast-paced world of social media, user behavior and preferences constantly evolve, shaping the way we interact and engage with various platforms. A recent survey has shed light on the diverse activities users undertake on some of the most popular social media platforms. The data, collected from active users aged 16 to 64, provides valuable insights into how individuals utilize each platform for specific purposes. Let's dive into the statistics to gain a deeper understanding of these trends.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter were included in the survey, and users were asked about their preferred activities on each platform. The responses were categorized into five main activities, namely:
  • Looking for Funny or Entertaining Content
  • Following or Researching Brands and Products
  • Keeping Up to Date with News and Current Events
  • Messaging Friends and Family
  • Posting or Sharing Photos or Videos
When it comes to seeking amusement on social media, TikTok emerges as the clear winner, with a staggering 79.6% of its users actively engaged in searching for funny or entertaining content. Instagram also ranks high, with 62.9% of users indulging in lighthearted content. Facebook and Twitter follow closely behind, with 54.8% and 35.0% of their users respectively, expressing a preference for amusing content.

For users keen on exploring brands and products, Instagram leads the pack, with 62.2% of its users utilizing the platform for this purpose. Facebook proves to be more than just an entertainment hub, with 54.6% of its users actively following or researching brands and products. Tiktok and Pinterest also show a decent engagement in this category, with 40.2% and 36.8% of their users respectively, participating in brand-related activities.
Staying informed about news and current events is a critical aspect of social media usage for many individuals. Unsurprisingly, Twitter, which is often dubbed as a news-oriented platform, takes the lead in this category with 61.2% of its users seeking news updates. Facebook ranks second with 58.9% of its users engaging with news content, followed by Instagram with 51.2%.

When it comes to connecting with loved ones, Facebook maintains its status as the go-to platform, with an overwhelming 70.8% of its users messaging friends and family. Instagram and Snapchat also exhibit a significant interest in personal messaging, with 52.2% and 36.6% of their users respectively, using the platforms for this purpose.

Unsurprisingly, Instagram stands out as the preferred platform for posting and sharing visual content, with an impressive 70.1% of its users actively involved in this activity. Facebook and Snapchat also serve as prominent platforms for sharing photos and videos, with 63.6% and 41.5% of their users respectively, contributing to visual content creation.

These statistics illustrate the diverse roles that each social media platform plays in users' lives. While Facebook remains dominant in messaging friends and family, Twitter is still popular for news updates. Instagram and Snapchat have established themselves as a hub for sharing visual content and following brands. TikTok, on the other hand, has carved a niche in providing users with endless entertainment.

H/T: Datareportal / WeAreSocialMeltWater / GlobalWebIndex

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