Twitter Rolls Out Mega Change To Ward Off Spam From Users’ Inboxes

Twitter says it’s rolling out a major change on the platform to help tackle the growing figures of spam seen across users’ inboxes.

The tech giant already seems to have its hands full while combatting the major threat that has come its way, thanks to Meta’s Threads app.

Hence, today, the firm explained how it’s on a mission to reduce spam content that floods users’ inboxes on a daily basis and has been a source of annoyance to them for months.

Starting today, the app will launch a new option in the settings tab that is designed to limit spam seen across DMs. This is done by shifting text messages that arise from users that are Verified but you might not be following.

The messages would be moved to the inbox that features the Message Request title. Hence, users’ main inboxes would be spared and they wouldn’t be facing difficulties that we were seeing come their way.

Only those messages that arrive from users that you might be following would be allocated as normal to your main inbox, the company added through a recently published blog post today. Moreover, the company did add how such changes would only be applicable to those who have inboxes open so that texts can arrive from anyone and everyone on the platform so beware.

In the past, we saw users only getting messages from strangers or those they did not follow from Twitter’s DMs. However, that would only be the case if you had allowed the option for receiving messages from anyone via Settings or when a sender was a verified app user too. The latter is the name given to those who are paying for the verification status.

On the other hand, those individuals could only send DMs who you may have contacted at some time in the past, via the DM option.

The sudden and abrupt change to shift messages from those that come under verified back to your request inbox instead of the main one is a huge indication of how the app’s verification system that it has raved about for so long is yet to give them exclusive status.

Today, anyone can attain this verification status by paying out a few extra dollars through a credit card. Hence, as you can imagine, that exclusivity factor no longer exists.

Moreover, it’s quite evident that more and more people are not happy to see verified people spam them with texts. So that is a clear indicator that the system is at fault and it’s having trouble with handling spam from verified individuals.

But the app says that if some of its users would still like to get DMs inside their main inbox on per usual basis, then you can alter that setting at any given point in time after such amendments are made on the app.

We also see how such changes would make it all the more harder for people such as journalists to contact others for consent to use their data or retweet a post that belongs to someone else as fewer people would be entertaining such DMs as they’re assumed to be spammed and would arrive in the other inbox, far from the main one.

Many users have rightly noted that this change would not help in reducing the alarming figures for spam from anyone. It just shifts those kinds of texts to another folder.

Musk says that reducing bots as well as tackling issues of spam has been a major priority of the app for a while now, and that’s true when Musk took charge last year. But as can be seen, it’s yet to find a definite solution.

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