Twitter Rolls Out Latest Version Of TweetDeck That’s Exclusively For Blue Subscribers

Twitter has recently launched its latest version of TweetDeck and it’s a move that’s not exactly surprising a lot of people.

However, what’s interesting is how the newest version is deemed to be exclusively for Blue Subscribers and that means if you’re not a member yet, you’re going to be restricted from using it.

The popular platform that’s native for all Twitter users needs to pay money and continue scheduling any tweets they want through this platform.

As the firm noted, the latest version is currently up for grabs and that means saying hello to a lot of small updates through the feature’s Preview that came about in the year 2021.

Such new elements included a new tweet composer that entails all kinds of interesting things like polls and some GIFs and they’re all liable to scheduling too. Other than that, there are enhanced options for search filters and another one linked sorting TweetDeck based on headings like Top or Latest depending on how recent they are.

Lastly, a feature called Video Docking is also up for grabs where users can see videos while carrying out a series of other functions. Yes, the features are not a whole lot in terms of advancements but certainly, they’re bound to be useful. And that is what might make this entire thing so much more attractive to others.

We’ve also seen a few other aspects get removed such as teams being given the boot in the new version and that is bound to affect those using the business aspect of it. But such changes are also being called out as those making it so much more difficult to use the app because they’re bound to take some time.

For a while now, people have been reaching out to the platform to enhance TweetDeck because they always felt it required a revamp. This was to counter the growing number of tools needed for managing third parties. And some of those were seen providing more insightful analytics than you can imagine.

Many are also speaking about how Twitter needs to work hard and include more such features into the platform as it would add value for users. But now, it seems that users would be required to pay for it to use it and that’s a huge change.

In about 30 days, Twitter claims its TweetDeck would turn into a feature that’s exclusive for its Blue members so to keep using, keep on paying. Certainly, it does not appear to be an enticing offer but we’re sure plenty of alternatives are going to be provided.

However, those who are currently using this would be motivated to use it or perhaps sign up for it. What do you think?

For a while now, we’ve seen Elon Musk trying to incorporate more features into Twitter Blue to try and enhance its popularity and have more people come forward and adopt it in the long run. Clearly, it’s not exactly where he would want it to be right now but according to him, it’s getting there.

The question right now is how well people are going to take this news of TweetDeck being protected by a paywall.

Twitter says it’s trying hard to transform the platform into something more useful and user-friendly at the same time. But this past weekend has seen a bucketload of changes that have literally led to outages across the board.

Most users are not happy and they can’t help but wonder what’s next on the list.

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