Twitter Rival Threads Says It Has No Interest In Publishing News And Heated Political Issues

It’s only been two days since we saw the popular social media app and Twitter rival Threads by Meta get launched. And so far, it’s doing immensely successful in terms of signups with millions of people coming forward and downloading it.

But as you can imagine, Twitter is feeling the threat and the pressure and perhaps worried that it just might take over the platform. Did we mention how a threat for legal action was sent in the form of a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, accusing his Threads app of copying Twitter and hiring ex-employees to extract internal data and carry out a successful launch?

We’ll keep that matter aside for now. But what is really buzzing in the headlines today is related to how the app says it’s got zero interest in following the business model and action plan of Twitter.

Neither does the platform wish to offer news to its users nor does it wish to dip its hands in ugly and upsetting political debates. So as you can see, the choice of direction being taken on is totally opposite.

Yesterday, the app’s head made it very clear that Threads wanted to carry out negotiations with media outlets and ask them to publish their content across Meta’s other apps, similar to how they’re doing on Twitter.

Adam Mosseri says that he knows for a fact that politics and news will pop up on Threads soon, similar to how it made its way to Instagram and there’s no stopping that. But his goal to a great extent would be to limit that content while trying to encourage its posting in other places and not on Threads.

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that experts are having trouble digesting the news or shall we say, it’s giving some people a shock. Remember, Twitter turned into a mega sensation for the fact that it was putting out zero restrictions on freedom of speech. You could post anything and everything without it being censored, as long as it was in line with the platform’s policies.

But seeing Threads avoid that route of action is astonishing. Mosseri tried to provide a justification for this by claiming that he’s doing it because he does not wish to drive its users away as no one likes adopting another app that’s similar to Twitter.

He wants Threads to be unique and have their own identity, instead of people seeing it as the new Twitter that works on a similar focus as it. Keeping that aside, Mosseri says he does realize that both current affairs and politics are important in today’s modern day and age and his goal is not to imply that it is not by these steps that Threads plans on implementing.

He also threw some shade on Musk’s Twitter, adding how the incorporation of news and politics to apps to better engagement and gain more revenue is not something he feels is worth all the negativity and criticism, and scrutiny that comes along with it.

Threads do not wish to go down that negative route or pay such a hefty price regarding it, he concluded.

Now the question is which route does Threads wish to take on? And Mosseri adds that he wants things to be positive and the app to be a public square which is what the CTO of Twitter Elon Musk had in mind when he bought the firm.

He just wishes that Threads does not turn into a place that resounds with negative energy and anger because it’s never worth it. What do you think?

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