Twitter Experiments With Innovative Voice And Video Features Within DMs

Popular microblogging website Twitter is experimenting with some new features that could soon be making their way onto the platform.

This includes experiments for voice and video endeavors that would become a part of users’ DMs. See, the goal is to provide all sorts of new functionalities and utilities on the app, while making it simpler to keep in touch with your loved ones along the way.

The company says it is really working hard to allow for more changes, not to mention how much pressure it must be feeling after Meta rolled out its own Twitter rival platform called Threads.

The news was first shared with the public by the company’s designer who goes by the name Andrea Conway.

He put out some very interesting screenshots that he claims are still in the trial process. They would be used to allow for quick and simple access for both video as well as audio calls. All you need to do is press the icon for carrying out calls that are found in the top right-hand corner of the DMs.

We know that tech billionaire and Twitter CTO Elon Musk is really working hard to transform the Twitter app into something that comes close to providing everything. It’s a concept that we’ve witnessed with China’s WeChat application.

That is created to give rise to a long list of functions and is called out as another major step toward achieving the task of expanded usage. Moreover, this would be designed to assist in shifting perceptions related to what is allowed within users’ reach on the platform.

It’s going to be awfully tough to see the company give rise to new dimensions such as these and bid farewell to classic behaviors that most of us have become accustomed to over the years. As it is, people have a tough time understanding the logic as you can already carry out calls, both video and audio, on all other platforms. Did we mention how people use WhatsApp nearly 8 times more than those using Twitter?

So the likelihood of people switching from WhatsApp to Twitter for the sake of calls looks pretty gloomy to us. What do you think?

But we might be speaking too soon as the goal of adding the feature on the app direction would really add a simple functionality and enable more people to engage directly through the platform.

Twitter might transform as the next big and best thing in terms of serving as a tool for keeping in touch with loved ones and heading toward altering the ways you interact on this app.

Meanwhile, the company claims to be carrying out some more tests in terms of adding restrictions to those sending Direct Messages. It might limit how useful such options are to only those that pay extra and by that we mean the golden client base comprising of Blue Subscribers.

If and when that does come into effect, it would harshly limit values linked to the options out there, provided that it was less than 0.3% of the app’s user base who signed up for Twitter Blue.

There’s clearly a lot that Elon Musk and his team of executives need to sit back and think about. There might be a bigger plan in store that we’ve got no clue about. Did we mention how there’s a huge push for using DMs? And if that’s the case then we don’t see why it can’t be a very useful and valuable tool worth investigating, right?

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