Twitter Gears Up To Launch Its Retired Long-Form Content Feature ‘Notes’ Under New Name

Twitter is gearing up for the launch of its old Notes feature under a new name.

The company is all set to carry on with its respective trend related to revamping age-old features on the app that were in the process of development. The whole idea is to reframe those as new projects and its current goal is to do that with Notes that would arise under another name.

Notes used to be Twitter’s golden feature related to content that was available in a long-form style. Now, it’s going to get revamped with the term Articles on the platform as the company makes way to promote more themes of this kind and reinvent those to better encourage a wider type of content options for posting on the platform.

This is the name that the company used to have for the classic Notes feature during the early phase of its development.

This was during the start of 2022 but it was then abandoned when we saw a rollout of the Notes feature in the month of June. However, that did not gain approval and it was put on the side after a few months due to tech billionaire Elon Musk taking charge of the company.

Now, Twitter’s team of executives is working with the mindset that it wants to facilitate posts that are longer in nature and designed across the app’s feed. As it is, all Blue members of the app can put out content that’s long-form in nature. We’re talking posts that entail nearly 25,000 characters per tweet. And that would also have some inline pictures that copy Notes as tweets that are longer.

We’re not sure if this is a tactical move to call Notes with the heading of Articles but we know that it’s going to be welcomed with open arms by so many users who were in search of something that allowed them to produce longer tweets, instead of just conducting an expansion for extra long tweets.

Perhaps the goal is to introduce this as an additional feature that supplements longer-form content on the app. Whatever the case may be, the company’s CTO did confirm how Articles would be coming soon and that there would be no form of length limits attached to them.

So does this really mean that we’re going to see more Twitter users put out longer content on the platform than before?

Well, we are not too sure if this means saying hello to more individuals putting out content that’s really long on the app or not because it’s too early to determine just that. However, what we can say is that it’s going to be for a wide array of uses, that’s for sure.

As it is, Twitter is trying hard in terms of capturing new elements that would excite more users to return to the app including job listings, dating accounts, and also payments done on the app too.

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