The Bing AI Sidebar In Microsoft Edge Is Granting Users The Ultimate Copilot Experience By Remembering Previous Chats

Microsoft Edge is really taking things to the next level with its AI-powered Bing sidebar.

The company announced today how it hopes to give users the best copilot experience with a feature that enables it to recall previous chats. But wait, that’s just the start of many more great things.

Think along the lines of other rollouts that include a tool for adding a summary to financial reports and then comparing and contrasting those from other firms. In the same way, it assists with helping users create content and even carry out any edits as necessary such as those found on LinkedIn.

It’s so great because the new functionality that has been included ends up taking on the directives of the website that it comes across. So this way, users have nothing to worry about.

But remember, this new sidebar on the Edge browser doesn’t support the chance to recall chats just yet but it’s a feature that is coming soon. The computational giant says that the memory feature is one that was a long time coming and giving Bing AI the chance to recall old chats is just such a feature in demand that it’s going to blow up on rollout.

Hence, in this manner, the user can simply carry on from the exact same point that they left off at when carrying out interactions of the past.

Meanwhile, another tweet by the firm’s CEO for web services spoke about how the feature is still in the works, and while no particular date was announced yet, it’s coming real soon for the Edge browser.

The company further went on to note that users would be given the chance to maintain some pretty long discussions, returning each time from the exact same point that they stopped at last time. Hence, you can say goodbye to starting fresh all over again, each time you start the chat.

The goal seems to be giving users a complete and seamless experience that’s combined with nothing but ease and convenience for all. Did we mention how much time it would end up saving across the board?

Moreover, such memory features would also provide a flexibility factor that would begin new topics each time a user wants. So you can start chats in the sidebar and then carry on through the Bing app or by visiting the Bing website too.

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