OpenAI Allocates New Team To Prevent ‘Super Intelligent AI’ From Surpassing Human Intelligence

We’ve been hearing a lot about how many pioneers from the world of AI are expressing major concerns about ChatGPT and the Generative AI domain.

There have also been thoughts linked to how they might be taking over the world one day and making the human race extinct, considering the fast pace at which training and developments are taking place.

We’re not quite sure about that yet but at the moment, OpenAI wants the world to know that it does care and for that reason, it’s putting out a new team of members who will be given a very important and innovative task.

Think along the lines of researching new ways through which super-intelligent AI can be stopped from taking over smart human minds. And it’s very serious about the threat that many feel may end up destroying us all.

While some are calling the news as one that’s linked to the world of science fiction, others claim to be least bothered. But whatever the case may be, OpenAI is not kidding when it says that it means business and it’s going to be playing an active role in terms of the risks linked to AI systems and their massive capabilities that might just take over human intelligence.

Speaking in one of its recently published blog posts, the firm adds how this is a serious form of technology that would impact the world. And the fact that humans have created it means we cannot let it destruct us. It similarly detailed more about how finding the right solution might assist in solving so many major issues that exist today.

However, remember, the massive power that superintelligence encompasses cannot be underestimated, OpenAI confirmed. And human extinction and having powers reduced are very real and can result in serious issues like general extinction.

As confirmed by OpenAI, AI systems in this category are very capable of popping up in the next ten years. It’s a huge prediction that’s being talked about right now since the firm’s own ChatGPT tool is yet to be called out as a form of AI that reaches the human mind’s level.

What ChatGPT’s work is based upon is a language model that’s very much like an autocomplete tool that regenerates replies that are life-like and hard to differentiate from that made by a human. But it tends to, at times, produce answers that are very wrong and lack a huge amount of logic.

Therefore, you might better understand why it does appear strange that the firm is estimating the emergence of AI that’s superintelligent but the firm’s lab is preparing well for any sort of unforeseen circumstances.

The company adds that there is yet to be any kind of solution that it has in mind in terms of combatting this superintelligent AI technology or it from taking over the world. But it knows that once this form of technology supersedes human capability, it’s going to be hard to supervise.

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