New Lawsuit Emerges Against Lawmakers In Texas For Banning TikTok Across The State

A body that is said to be a keen representation of the state of Texas’s universities has taken legal action against top lawmakers for imposing a TikTok ban.

This includes calling out Governor Greg Abbott and a number of other officials for taking this urgent step that they felt was unnecessary and denying citizens their rights. The ban is set to go into effect as early as next year and would stop faculty members from making use of the app for things like teaching and carrying out research in the academic world.

This lawsuit came about on Thursday and this is where activists who support free speech stated how it was going to advocate against the ban and how it would be impacting various members of society.

By allotting a ban on faculty members belonging to a public university and stopping them from accessing TikTok something was unnecessary and not sensible. They also disagreed with the allegations of the app collecting their data and forwarding it off to officials and servers in another country. This was all outlined in a public press release recently.

As you can see, people were not happy and as of right now, no statement has been generated as a response to the matter. Similarly, no requests were even entertained regarding this topic too.

Meanwhile, in the month of December, we saw the governor go ahead with signing the suggestion of a statewide ban on TikTok into law. He also mentioned how all devices belonging to the state’s employees that worked in federal agencies would also not be allowed to use devices for this reason. The latter was not a shock because as it is, already 20 states have issued a ban of this sort.

We saw late last year how TikTok was barred from devices owned by the government but there were some clear exceptions made to that rule. This was linked to the major security threats regarding China keeping a close eye on American citizens via this platform.

The application also got negative reviews from politicians in Montana which turned out to be the first American state to issue a ban on the app. That would come into effect by the start of next year. Similarly, it would bar app stores who offered the app to users in the state. So as you can see, things were pretty serious.

Now, this new lawsuit by a team of faculty members in a Texan university happens to be a part of a series of others that are taking legal action against those imposing TikTok bans.

The ban is called a direct assault on the freedom that citizens enjoy in terms of their academics. And by restricting or depriving them of that, it’s just tragic to see it occur and what the future may hold, they concluded.

Some experts feel that allowing those in the field of academia to study this feature means saying hello to warding off any threats that the state feels are linked to the platform.

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