Musk’s Trial And Error Approach With Twitter Continues As App Alters Viewing Restrictions Again

It looks like Twitter’s CTO Elon Musk enjoys playing games with his platform after the app was seen updating its Tweet viewing restrictions again.

This past weekend, users were enraged to learn that they wouldn’t be allowed to use the platform without logging in. And if that didn’t seem dramatic enough, Musk also added restrictions to the number of posts that users could view in a single day.

Things were getting heated pretty quickly and there was a total outage of the firm as Musk fell short of providing a sensible justification for the behavior. According to him, it was done for users’ benefit as the company was facing a surge in data scrapping incidents.

Now, the latest reports claim that it’s far from the case and the app is backtracking on the decision to stop outsiders who don’t have accounts from viewing posts. But wait, the rule does come with its own restrictions.

A recently published report by a top tech media outlet claims Twitter added a new system that would make sure tweets are seen by all, including those that aren’t registered. But the biggest change is that all posts will now be indexed across the Google search engine, which had been scrapped before. The latter caused a shock as this was definitely not a plan on the cards and happened to occur by chance, causing a huge hit to the company.

The change made by Twitter arose yesterday and that means Google users that don’t have an account may view tweets. The only catch is that you’ll be faced with modals that request them to please sign up for the app afterward so as to allow for indexing and hence have the content ranked online.

In the past week, the app took a huge step in terms of blocking out accounts from seeing tweets that were unregistered. Therefore, it led to more and more people signing up on the app so they could enter through a systematic login approach.

But that led to even more shock and controversy when the app put limits to viewing tweets in a single day. The end result was anger, confusion, and a drop in SEO rankings for Twitter posts including SERPs that are pivotal for driving traffic onto the platform.

The latest on this front is that it’s fixed finally and after this rectification, we’re also seeing other kinds of limits being included that are designed to avoid data scraping incidents in the future.

Musk has previously spoken about how such limits are only a temporary measure and after the stats claim that the data scrapping has declined, it would completely eradicate this.

Remember, AI models wish to use data from apps like Twitter and Reddit for the sake of training, and to avoid that, these precautions are coming forward. But it seems that Twitter realizes that such stringent rules are going to deter people from joining and using the platform and the less it’s utilized, the more ads can be run and the more revenue gets generated.

Experts feel that Twitter’s privacy concerns shouldn’t be questioned and the platform is certainly doing a great job at keeping its systems secure. But as one can imagine, it’s coming at a hefty cost which is the last thing that Twitter needs during its slow period of growth.

Did we mention how Meta has only recently launched its own Twitter rival called Threads for the masses? In just two hours, more than 5 million users have subscribed and that’s mindblowing in terms of the success rate anticipated.

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