Microsoft Edge Users Are Tired Of The Browser Forcefully Installing Google Docs Offline Extension

Microsoft Edge is one browser that is raising eyebrows after users reported it carrying out forceful downloads of Google Docs offline extension.

It’s a baffling situation that has been taking place with no response provided by the company so far, nor any measures being explored to curb the matter. And as you can imagine, people are not happy.

The popular software of Google Docs allows users to edit documents both online and offline but why should anyone get a forceful offer when they’re not inclined to go in such a direction, asked one person.

Neither are any sorts of alerts provided nor is consent taken. And it’s just a baffling situation overall, explained one person.

This extension pops out of nowhere and can be seen making its way to several different channels, no matter what Windows or computing device you might be using. You’ll just find that badge that states it is a product of Microsoft Edge on the machine. And that’s it.

Some claim that the extension gets switched off by default means but still, it’s not necessary and makes users upset because they never asked for it in the first place. Seeing such behaviors take place and something like this being intentional makes one question why it’s occurring, to begin with, right?

Users are similarly given options to optimize the entire experience and that in itself is shocking for obvious reasons. The situation really does tend to get a little ironic at times and you’ll be seeing the browser attain shortcuts for other things and buttons featuring sidebar options as well.

For now, we’re not sure what the matter is all about but the software giant has plenty of explanations to provide before it’s too late. After all, the last thing they need is a bad reputation at a time when they appear to be doing so well. What do you think?

Some experts feel it might be a feature that was all planned or it could be an experiment that was launched with an intentional extension to see how things go and what sort of response comes people’s way.

As it is, the company is being questioned for a lot of its features that some feel might be a little too much for everyone to handle. For now, if you are bombarded with the extension and have to go through something like this, then please feel free to get rid of it by heading off to the browser’s extensions tab and pressing on the button that claims Remove.

H/T: Deskmodder / Neowin

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