Sigh Of Relief For Microsoft Edge Users After Company Vows To Block Abusive Notifications

Computational giant Microsoft says it’s on a roll in terms of giving its Edge users a feature that they’ve been wanting for a while now.

The company confirmed today how it had undergone an entire process of analysis linked to dozens of abusive notifications that affected those using the Edge browser. Hence, now, it’s well aware of the web pages that are leaving behind spam users.

So that means taking away their rights to leave notifications that end up harassing so many people along the way.

This is definitely one type of change that the company felt was necessary since the start of May of this year. And that is when we saw the firm rollout Edge 113 where it saw plenty of unknown pages put out messages across users’ address bars.

But after today’s change, they were glad to inform users that it won’t be happening as frequently as before with their own trials showing a dramatic decrease in the figure of clients reporting such notification problems.

However, the firm did also mention how those pages where it failed to ban alerts would still be able to produce notifications for users if it’s accepted by them. Hence, in case you do become a regular visitor of a particular website, you can accept the notification that arises from them as well.

Meanwhile, if it happens to be the first time you paid a visit, the company would be silencing the prompts. You can see this by looking at the URL bar and viewing the presence of a red cross that is put up against the classic bell logo. Once you click on it, you’ll see options for enabling alerts on the page while the other one gives you control to regulate the alerts.

Admins from Enterprise would also be provided with a new option for whitelist configuration so that apps from their own system could send alerts and attain access without any sort of issue.

The company was seen providing a justification for these measures and how spam notifications are very disturbing to many people on Edge. Moreover, the fact that they cannot remove them and don’t know how to make them upset.

Similarly, the software leader says it hopes the new change would be appreciated and they want users to give more feedback on the matter.

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