Microsoft Breathes Sigh Of Relief As Court Closes Activision Blizzard Acquisition Case

Computational giant Microsoft is breathing a sigh of relief after a judge in the state of California was seen shutting down a case linked to a very complex and long testimony related to the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

It’s been a long and tough journey but it’s not yet over for the tech giant who continues to face another case linked to antitrust behavior by the FTC. Arguments from both sides were seen coming forward and the judge heard both of them and then finally came up with a decision.

And in the end, the judge denied requests to conduct preliminary injunctions related to the matter. However, the final ruling came out today. Remember, the company’s purchase of the firm is described as one of the biggest to occur in the tech world and that’s why obvious questions were raised. But the firm was scrutinized until the last moment after which this decision has come ahead.

The way the decision has taken place, we see that tech giant Microsoft has carried on with its commitments regarding the ordeal and has vowed to stay at the top of its game in terms of keeping its priorities in view.

The judge felt that Microsoft can keep the famous PlayStation game of Call of Duty and had the right to expand toward Nintendo Switch.

So many members of the FTC felt that the agreements that Microsoft brought forward were shady and that’s why the judge was requested to focus more on this ordeal. But some rulings were in favor of the FTC including how Nintendo Switch cannot be a part of the console market. Similarly, the judge did rule that the FTC was right about PCs not being a part of the console market.

The decision began new celebrations across Microsoft whose President was quick to issue a letter that spoke about it being grateful for taking decisions at a fast pace in the court.

A lot of proof was taken into consideration including how Microsoft’s acquisition deal was actually great for the industry as a whole and any concerns by regulatory bodies like the FTC aren’t actually the reality of the situation of what’s taking place in the market for gaming.

We also know how Activision Blizzard is sending out reactions to the decision, adding how it would serve as the ultimate benefit for both clients and workers. They also feel it’s great for healthy competition, instead of allowing leaders of the market to dominate at a fast pace in the industry.

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