ChatGPT Finally Makes Its Way To Android Next Week After Months Of Waiting

If you happen to be an Android user that’s tired of waiting for the ChatGPT app to roll out, then we’ve got some great news for you!

Users can finally breathe a sigh of relief after OpenAI mentioned today that its opening up the pre-registrations for its famous AI tool across the Google Play Store.

This means saying hello to the endeavor that iOS users have been enjoying for so long.

It’s almost taken forever for the rollout to occur as Android users waited anxiously for the news that was finally seen making its way today.

The initial launch for the platform took place last year in November so you can only imagine how much anticipation Android users had over the matter while their iOS counterparts continued to enjoy easy access.

Not only was the app rolled out for Apple users but it came with support as well as new widgets while a basic launch for Android never took place during that period.

The app would reportedly be up for grabs as early as next week so you can download it directly through the Google Play Store, the company announced through a tweet that was published today.

But alongside this great news, we’re hearing more about how the makers behind ChatGPT are now adding the benefit of pre-registrations that was not seen before. Seeing Google enable this feature by giving developers the green light is clear proof of how keen the company is to ensure users get maximal ease.

The benefit is that after the release date arrives, you can benefit from the app opening directly through automated means, as soon as it’s seen on Google’s Play Store.

Tech firm OpenAi claims it continues to work religiously to ensure the ChatGPT too is up to par as per customer standards. They keep on taking in feedback and trying their best to incorporate that so maximum people may benefit.

This past week, we saw the firm reveal new features including the very interesting rollout of remembers instructions so that next time you use the chatbot, you don’t have to repeat the same task over and over again.

The firm has really been busy making improvements and it’s getting surrounded by the likes of so many controversies along the way too. This past month, we saw it be the center of several lawsuits where authors accused that firm of illegal means of training their models.

Then we saw Reddit users take out massive loopholes in the firm’s Bing extension so that again had to be pulled away and amended as it was enabling people to bypass paywalls installed. And just in case that was not enough, we’re seeing more news about a new investigation by the FTC regarding using personal data.

Lastly, the company’s trust and safety lead has opted to step down from its position as well so yes, there are quite a bit of dramatic episodes arising as we speak.

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