Meta’s Apps Will Soon Get Exciting Real-Time Avatars For Video Calls, Animated Stickers, And Social Stickers

Meta is gearing up for a major update in its world of avatars.

The tech giant mentioned recently how its Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger would attain innovative features including avatars for video calls, alongside unique social and animated stickers.

Hence, in case you’re a little worried about not looking your best today while calling up someone you love, don’t sweat. You can disguise yourself under the look based on real-time selfies. You can further customize the avatars to your likes and preferences across various apps including the VR realm. And when you come to think of it, how exciting would it be to replace your current look with an avatar?

When you happen to be on calls, you can search for the Avatar button that enables users to swap the virtual self for another look. Moreover, apps like Messenger even provide you with details on how to track down movements of the face and this lets the avatar copy and make very life-like expressions. The feature would be up for grabs across Messenger and Instagram as well as on the iOS and Android platforms.

But wait, that’s not all. The company was also seen putting out some pretty cool animated stickers as well. There is no surprise here as to what it entails because responding to people on Meta’s apps is now super fun and simple through the use of dynamic stickers like an avatar providing thumbs up or it going crazy or laughing hard at something funny. Yes, the options are limitless.

As we stick to this topic linked to stickers, Facebook’s parent firm adds that it’s going to roll out some interesting social stickers as well. You can express so well how you feel to your friends and loved ones with this feature and even use the tagging option to bring close pals together on Facebook Stories and share it with them through Threads too.

We feel avatars are a great addition but a lot of users do feel that they’re not a fan of designing one. This is why the tech giant has opted to allow users to take a simple selfie and leave the rest to them. You’ll get an avatar in seconds.

For now, it’s still in the experimental phase for apps like WhatsApp and Facebook but who knows, an expansion could be on the cards soon too.

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