Apple Launches Its Own Online Store Across China’s Famous WeChat Messaging Platform

Leading iPhone maker Apple has recently rolled out a new online store on one of the famous Chinese social media apps called WeChat.

The company revealed how it is doing this as it’s got a keen interest to carry on with retail expansion while entering into the Chinese market that’s filled with thousands of potential users.

Today, the figure for WeChat subscribers stands at a whopping 1.2 billion and that just makes sense as to why the tech giant is so keen on tapping into the famous super app’s user base.

This we mention how the popular Chinese platform is beyond the realms of regular texting. Yes, it’s got all sorts of features that entail different kinds of programs offering different types of features. And that just makes it so much simpler for users to carry out numerous tasks with a simple click of a button.

Some examples include online shopping, transportation, finance-related endeavors, and so much more. It’s clearly a platform that is designed for ease and convenience and one that Elon Musk has been greatly influenced by.

The Cupertino firm has long stated how it’s wanted to enter into China’s WeChat ecosystem as it feels it has great potential for growth. The entire process began thanks to Apple getting access to a Mini Program that is designed to allow people to buy a wide range of products from the company and that includes the whole lineup for iPhone 14.

Today, media outlet Tencent was quick to shed light on how any orders generated through the Mini Program of the Chinese app would give rise to benefits like free shipping services and some users would even be given a priority of making the most of delivery options comprising of just three hours.

Similarly, it stated that those users getting access through Apple’s WeChat online platform would be provided with the chance to make the most of the iPhone maker’s services like trade-in offers.

Tech giant Apple has tried really hard to have a strong grip on all of its respective channels designed to carry out retail operations. But as you can see now, it’s trying its best to expand into the Chinese tech industry where major apps appear to be the main focus. As it, the company has a store on Tmall which is another popular e-commerce endeavor that is owned by Alibaba. On the other hand, you’ll find another app called that is the main reseller for the company’s products too.

Remember, we did see 2023 prove to be a little disappointing in terms of smartphone sales across China’s market but despite that, it seems like the tech giant is really trying hard to regain its leading position as the main vendor for smartphones across the nation.

According to a recent survey, it was proven that the tech giant has a mighty 20% share of the Chinese market so that’s a major deal. And that’s especially true when you consider the Chinese market which is very dynamic.

H/T: Reuters

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