Meta Rolls Out Exciting New Video Content Features For Its Platforms Including Editing Tools

Tech giant Meta is on a roll ever since the debut of its new app called Threads. But that does not mean Facebook’s parent firm is neglecting its other platforms.

The company rolled out an array of exciting new video content features for its other apps too and the news is making fans excited.

Meta explained how the rollout was related to video content only and for starters, it would be giving Facebook users better chances to edit videos using new tools. The latter happens to be quite like what was rolled out at the start of 2023 for Instagram.

Hence, users would now be getting the chance to continue with video edits despite it being published on Facebook’s news feed. Moreover, it would give them the chance to rewind, increase the pace, and even edit out clips with others on the app. At the same time, we’re going to be seeing tools for noise reduction and voiceover additions as well, the company mentioned in its recent blog post today.

Meta says this would be up for grabs to users of its Business Suite too so stay tuned.

Next up, the company is launching a new Watch Tab for Facebook and it’s getting the name of Video Tab. This would be your one-stop location for all things related to the world of videos on Facebook such as Reels and content of all formats. Moreover, it’s going to be similar in design to Instagram as it would have another section for horizontal scrolling that’s used for things like making Reel recommendations more prominent on the platform.

The tech giant is also revamping its Explore Tab for the video section and that means suggestions for Reels would be made available as well as would be live content via trending hashtags.

A very interesting update would be included to Reels as well, and that entails the option of selecting the HDR format for content. The tech giant feels users are now getting the chance to publish content like Reels in HDR through just a smartphone camera and they can even ensure playbacks are done in the same style and design as well.

The proper support came at a time when we saw the firm cause a huge rise in HDR content across platforms throughout the year 2022. And this might be one of the first kinds of efforts coming out by Meta to support HDR formats for videos on all of its apps.

Meta added that it’s not been an easy road as the technical issues related to the launch were plenty and a smooth transition would only arise after hard work and plenty of research.

Last but not least, Meta is giving users the chance to see and produce comments across Reels for Instagram in a direct manner while they continue to watch it across Facebook. But that would only be made possible for those who add accounts to the tab designated as Accounts Center.

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