Meta All Set For Major Launch Of A Commercial AI Model That Can Be Customized To Benefit All

The world of AI has really caused a boom in the tech world and now, we’re hearing more news about how AI models are getting launched left and right, due to their great demand.

From OpenAI to Microsoft and Google- the list is endless. And now, even Meta wants to make it big. But in case you have not noticed by now, most of the AI models in use aren’t exactly open source. And by that, we mean to say they’re less public and more private.

Let’s take the very successful GPT-4 that tech giant OpenAI has put close to its chest to avoid others from benefiting too much. Meanwhile, Facebook’s parent firm had given access to both researchers as well academicians so that they could make the most of its huge language model called LLaMA.

But now, Meta is really being hailed after announcing the future launch of its AI model that’s totally open source and can be customized to benefit all. How’s that for some fascinating news?

The report was first made public by The Financial Times which says the project was a long time coming and Meta had always something in mind that would revolve around this. Hence, it would also assist the firm in terms of creating tailored software using models of this kind.

We’re seeing the whole landscape linked to the world of AI alter in the next few months. And maybe, it might just take weeks. But whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. We are going to say hello to platforms that anyone and everyone can attain. Above all, they’re going to be as great, if not better, than what’s on display at this moment in time.

Similarly, we might see tech giant Meta produce AI chatbots that are customized to every kind of user out there, be it a single entity or a firm.

Open-source AI models are a combo of both positives and negatives. They are designed to give individuals various types of AI functionalities that assist in training the model at a faster pace. It all depends on how much and how fast it gets data.

In the same way, extra help would be allocated to spot mistakes, security concerns, and malware too. And that just provides developers all the more chance to solve issues at a quicker pace than others.

On the contrary, we’re seeing people who might come forward with ill intentions while using code that is easily accessible to all. And that would have some detrimental effects when they’re utilizing such technology.

While we feel that Meta might make it free of cost at the start, it would soon be adding a price tag at some point in time in the future.

Some insiders are already speaking about the tech giant charging clients that wish to alter the model to better suit their requirements.

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