A decade of record-breaking emoji popularity throughout the course of 10 years

Emojipedia, the world's leading emoji reference and resource platform, has highlighted the upcoming celebration of two remarkable milestones.

Emojipedia, the premier online repository for all things emoji, will commemorate two significant occasions on this day next week. The 10th World Emoji Day will be celebrated by Emojipedia on July 17, 2023, which also marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the website. The dual celebration honors emojis' continuing influence on international communication as well as a decade of unparalleled prosperity.

But first, let's take a trip down memory lane to July 2013, when Emojipedia was originally founded, before we get into the intriguing facts. Since then, emoji usage has advanced significantly around the world. Emojipediafounder Jeremy Burge sent that first tweet, and the landscape of digital communication was forever transformed.

It's fascinating to learn which emojis captivated the world's attention back then as we look back on the early years of Emojipedia. The most often used emojis in July 2013 were very unlike from those that are most frequently used in discussions now. They represented a glimpse into the emerging language of emotion and expression. Through Emojipedia, people gained a new way to communicate and connect on a global scale.

Emoji usage has increased dramatically as of 2023. Emojis have had an unheard-of rise in popularity over the past ten years on a variety of social media sites. Emojipedia has been at the forefront of documenting and embracing this cultural phenomenon.

To kick off its 10th anniversary celebrations, Emojipedia has delved into Twitter's vast emoji data to uncover intriguing insights. The findings showcase the enduring impact and evolution of emojis since Emojipedia's inception. Most notably, 2023 has witnessed a new global peak in emoji usage. It is clear that emojis have assimilated into contemporary communication, bridging linguistic divides and promoting global connectedness.

Data from March 2023 indicates that almost 26.7% of tweets now contain at least one of the 3,664 emoji characters recommended by Unicode as of September 2022 (Emoji 15.0 recommendations). This marks a significant increase in emoji usage and represents the highest recorded rate of emoji usage on Twitter.

Since July 2022, every month has set a new record for emoji usage on Twitter. When comparing January 2013 to March 2023, there has been an overall increase in emoji use of approximately 724%, as depicted in the chart.

In the year Emojipedia was founded, there were just over 700 emojis recommended by Unicode for inclusion on emoji keyboards. However, today there are 3,664 emojis recommended for general interchange (RGI). The graph below illustrates the increase in the number of emojis recommended by Unicode from Unicode 6.0 in October 2010 to Emoji 15.0 in September 2022.

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