Mark Zuckerberg Is Confident Threads Will Reach 1 Billion Users Soon As Meta’s Q2 Earnings Call Shows Promising Results

The CEO of Meta is sharing some very interesting pointers for his Threads platform, not to mention how much optimism he has for the leading social media app.

Zuckerberg spoke to the firm’s investors in the most positive manner, adding how it would not take long for Twitter’s leading rival app to hit the one billion user mark in no time.

The news comes as Facebook’s parent firm shed light on its earnings call on Wednesday where Zuckerberg did not shy away in terms of boasting about Meta’s huge success with the texting app.

He added how it’s a strange anomaly that we have right now in the tech world in terms of how we’ve not been bombarded with text apps that have hit the one billion mark. This is similar to what he mentioned during a recent podcast interview that took alongside Lex Fridman.

The explosive venture by Threads took on a huge start with signups hitting the 100 million figure. This was much faster than any other top leading platform in today’s time, beating out the likes of TikTok and Pokemon as well.

Millions of people were in line to attain signup so they could grab their hands on the top-notch app that is linked to Instagram and called out as Twitter’s biggest competition. Today, Meta’s CEO confirmed that people are returning to use the app in millions and he does not see this trend slowing down. This is especially true because the app is leading in terms of innovation, adding more features as days go by.

Yes, there is plenty of work to be done and Zuckerberg knows that too. But in his words, he’s ready to put the right amount of gasoline to ensure it gets closer and closer to that one billion figure.

Zuckerberg is also shedding light on how he knows the app has a lot of work to get done in terms of marketing. For those who aren’t aware, the company is yet to promote both these leading platforms on the likes of Instagram or even Facebook. And even without such promotions, it’s doing great, he confirmed.

It’s also very ironic that Meta claims these statements at a time when Musk also delineated how his goal right now is to hit the one billion figure for Twitter which has now been rebranded as X- an app that is trying to be everything in one place, similar to how WeChat in China functions.

Meta realizes that the success with standalone platforms is not too great for the company when looking at past records.

Coming down to Meta’s earnings call, the business is doing well and has managed to get back on track in terms of the stats seen for Q2 of 2023. It showcased great earnings that surpassed the firm’s own expectations, causing the stock price of the company to soar again.

The total revenue generated hit the $32 billion mark while the firm’s Reality Labs failed to show resiliency and any meaningful progress. The latter showed a loss, despite a great many efforts put in by the firm.

But if you think such losses are going to put the firm down, then think again. Zuckerberg is not feeling any pressure to make his Threads app a place for monetization at the moment or even in the near future.

Today, all of Meta’s apps are displaying promising results and they’ve never been bigger in terms of success. The figure crossed the 3 billion mark and it continues to rise again in various regions, especially North America, as highlighted by Meta recently.

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