Double Verify Now Includes Shorts by Extending Their Services for Fraud Verification and YouTube Viewability

We have great news for YouTube Shorts marketers. Double Verify has announced plans to broaden its services to Shorts, including additional validation for Shorts traffic and its influence, relying on the capabilities that Double Verify can offer.

The company has provided its services to Google and YouTube ads for over ten years. With the advent of YouTube Shorts and its rapidly rising popularity, it has decided to extend its services to creators collaborating with brands for Short. As a part of its measurement solutions, it is now integrating this as an added feature.

Double Verify has stated how creators promoting products on YouTube Shorts can now gain through their services. Fraud Measurement ensures that Short's content is viewed by an actual human to guarantee the effective promotion of their ads. Double Verify guarantees to recognize such frauds and to enable a layer of security for advertisers from being subjected to automated bot interference and manipulation.

Double Verify also offers a thorough viewability measurement for their Viewability Authentication services, clearly and concisely indicating the legitimacy and probability of an ad being viewed by an actual human. Moreover, they also provide creators with a confirmation as to whether their Shorts ad has the potential to make an impact or not.

The good news gets even better for YouTube marketers. Double Verify also plans to extend its services to In-feed Video inventory and YouTube Masthead. This step into inclusion makes it highly comforting for ad marketers on YouTube, encouraging them to safely and effectively collaborate with advertisers.

This news is exceptionally important after YouTube observed the success of Shorts’ viewership. With Shorts gaining an impressive 50 billion views daily, this makes it a highly significant additional proportional avenue for marketers on YouTube. Their viewership count also increases upon great exposure, which, as a result, can redirect them to the content uploaded on their main channel.

Not only is Short a catalyst on its own, but the revenue program by YouTube Shorts also offers earned income directly for the ads displayed in the Shorts content. TikTok is known to have paved the road to this trend, which has served a pivotal role in changing the trajectory of short-form content and consumption behaviors. Brands benefitted from that, and now Shorts has steered its focus to itself as well.

Double Verify also provides a feature for YouTube marketers to validate their Shorts information while additionally giving them assurance.

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