AI Will Drastically Wipe Out Most Outsourced Coding Jobs In A Year Or Two, Top Tech Expert Claims

The world of AI may be serving more woes than what the tech sector had originally anticipated, a leading expert in the AI domain has confirmed today.

This includes countries like India where careers for coding jobs are expected to be wiped out by next year or the year after that. And with dramatic statements like this taking place at an all-time high, you’ve really got to wonder what it is that AI cannot do.

Today, India’s tech sector is booming and we’re seeing so many young and successful citizens make it big through outsourcing. Moreover, when you look at a nation like France, you’d always think twice before firing a developer.

The news comes from tech expert and CEO for Stability AI who mentioned during a meeting with analysts how there were certainly better rules in place for employee protection in the West than in Asia.

The news as published by CNBC today is concerning because India has close to 5 million coding jobs where workers are outsourced by huge firms to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

But seeing such bold claims being mentioned about the world of AI can really make you wonder what is next.

Mostaque owns the huge firm that made history for its tool that can take text and convert that into art that’s created using AI technology. The tool is called Stable Diffusion and it really did make heads turn when it was unveiled as it cited trouble for programmers and their respective jobs in the next few years.

The CEO was certainly called out for his bold predictions but he clarified how he was only making a reference to those who worked as traditional coders. Today, so many top tech jobs are in danger of getting replaced through this technology too. And we’re hearing that for so long, probably ever since AI was launched with a bang.

However, not a lot of other tech experts hold the same opinion as Emad Mostaque. The CEO for GitHub explained during an interview in 2022 how AI technology may assist developers to churn out better results and assist in making their activities more productive.

The thought of having assistants that are powered by AI is just so much more intriguing than going through manual labor related to book reading.

In addition to that, those individuals having AI skills tend to be in the lead in terms of putting out new focus regarding talent in this domain. Do you agree?

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