YouTube Tests New Innovative Product For Online Game Play

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube is working hard in terms of testing out another product that would enable users to play games online.

The rather innovative ordeal was announced on Friday after an email was sent out to workers at its parent firm Google. And this was part of a recently published report by the Wall Street Journal.

The firm called upon employees to start tests for the app’s new beginning in the world of online games and it’s being called out as Playables, the report confirmed.

This means all games would now be up for grabs for the sake of testing and some of the list featured titles for games such as Stack Bounce among others.

Such games may be played across the app’s website through various browsing or even through devices that run across iOS systems and Android.

Meanwhile, one spokesperson added how the platform was at the center of attention for a while now, after the company started to expand on this front by including some more features. But as of currently, there’s not a lot to announce.

Online games on such a platform as YouTube are definitely a smart decision, keeping in mind the fact that this might be the right place where users can benefit from online game streaming. It’s also a great platform to watch game footage getting live-streamed.

And that seems to be the strategy taken up by Neal Mohan, the CEO. He spoke about how he intends of pushing forward into several different growth areas during a slowdown period when it comes down to spending in the advertising sector.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this whole game's endeavor gets rolled out because Google didn’t get much success at all with its previous gaming feature called Stadia. But obviously, this is a whole new project altogether.

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