YouTube Implements Harsher Policies For New Fan Channels Impersonating Established Ones

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube is setting out a range of stricter policies in regard to fan channels that continue to pop up on the app on a frequent basis.

Reports clearly indicate how so many stricter policies are being taken on such fan channels that impersonate those that are readily established. And many experts feel it’s about time something of this sort arose.

Fandom tends to produce a huge pile of content in the online world but there are times and days where the enthusiasm might end up getting the best of some people. Therefore, they try to push things one step too far.

New fan-based platforms popping up on YouTube end up mimicking those that are already present and that’s just a straight-out offense because all that they’re doing is copying them and there is no boundary between adoring them and just downright copying.

While making attempts to create boundaries, the app hopes to add stricter policies that give rise to fan channels proving some sort of unofficial status. These would start to shape up by the end of August and that’s when channels that fail to acknowledge the fact that they’re impersonating someone or something on YouTube would be liable to termination.

So if you want to put it simply, creators must outline in the channel’s name or the creator’s handle that they’re not copying or symbolizing any other creator. And that’s a huge shift in the app’s policies linked to impersonation.

Fan channels must delineate in clear terms what is the unofficial status if they wish to continue reaping the benefit of the app. It’s a change that many feel was required as people were being robbed of their identities and hard work but now, creators would be attaining the best protection.

They won’t have to worry about others misleading their viewers that follow on a usual basis, depending on mistaken identity.

For so long, fan channels tend to be an integral part of how and why viewers arrive on the app, and that can serve as the most impactful tribute for creators working originally.

The changes come as stats proved how dangerous some channels have become where they can copy others without fear in the world. Hence, Google feels imitation is not the right type of means to move ahead and they’re doing everything in their power to get rid of this behavior.

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