WhatsApp Tackles Spam Calls With The Launch Of An Automated Silence Functionality

Users on the world’s biggest texting platform WhatsApp have been tired of dealing with spam calls and have urged the firm to do something about the situation.

The popularity of the platform means it’s also turned into a hub for different spammers across the board. Be it famous brands or scammers of various platforms, they’re growing exponentially and there seems to be no sign of an end to such a problem.

People have ended up going from the world of SMS to the app so they can communicate better and the fact that it’s free of cost means saying hello to everyone and anyone on the app.

But with that comes a huge risk of spam texts and messages from unknown sources and keeping a tabs on that feature is bound to spell more trouble. So Meta does know that if it wishes to succeed, it needs to make fighting spam a priority or users are going to make use of other options.

Today, we’ve got news on how the company is launching a new and very useful feature that has been in testing for months. This is designed to transform the whole world of spam on the app and also make spam calls easier to tackle than before. Hence, if you want to ignore something, you can.

It’s a feature that’s getting launched with another tool on the app for the sake of privacy checkups. The latter is something that the company hopes will make users’ accounts remain more private and ward off anyone that wants to invade privacy.

The option for getting rid of spam calls is dubbed Silence Unknown Callers. This is inbuilt into the platform and would screen as well as restrict the calls from popping up from those individuals that you are yet to store as a contact.

Therefore, you can carry on with the use of your account without any form of fear that another call is incoming and some sort of an alert would affect scammers. Moreover, you can attain the numbers from your own call log if you wish to contact the individual. However, an important point to note here is "If you call or message the silenced caller, you won’t be able to silence their calls in future."

The fact that the incidence rate of scammers continues to peak as we speak, especially in regions like Asia, was much needed. We’re sure users are now going to breathe a sigh of relief as they’re being reassured of greater security and protection from the app’s makers.

The app has really gone one step forward into putting out a tool called Privacy Checkup to assist users in reviewing options of privacy for their accounts. This entails a set of who may view your status online, get the two-factor authentication verification active, and also who may contact you to ensure all of your personal data is completely safe.

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