WhatsApp Introduces Video Messages Feature on iOS and Android Beta: Making Communication More Personal

The renowned messaging platform, WhatsApp, is rolling out a new feature called “video messages” on both iOS and Android OS. This new addition aims to enhance communication by allowing users to send and receive video messages within the app, it means that users can now record and send videos directly through the platform, just like they would do with the audio messages or text messages.

Instead of typing out a long message or relying solely on pictures, users can now capture and share their experiences with friends and family in a more dynamic and personal way. However, what needs to understand is that video message will have a duration of 1 minute only, as compared to pre recorded media content.

The video messages feature is incredibly easy to use. All that needs to be done is to simply open the chat, tap on the camera icon present at the bottom of the screen, and switch to video mode. From there, people can start recording their video message, whether it’s a quick update or a funny moment. Once it has been recorded, just tap on the send button, and the video message will be on its way to the recipient.

Instead of relying solely on words, users can now express themselves more fully through video messages. Whether it’s sharing a memorable vacation clip, demonstrating a new recipe, or celebrating a milestone, video messages will allow them to truly bring moments to life.

WhatsApp’s introduction of video messages on the iOS and Android beta versions is a testament to their commitment to improving the user experience. By adding this feature, WhatsApp aims to make conversations more engaging and personal, bridging the gap between text and face-to-face communication.

While the feature is currently available only on for the pilot testing, it won’t be long before it becomes widely accessible to all WhatsApp users. Up till now, no official date has been given by the officials, however, according to Wabetainfo, the new element will make its global debut anytime in upcoming weeks.

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