TikTok’s New Money-Making Feature For Creators Is Being Called Out As A Double-Edged Sword

Making money on social media seems to be the trend these days and we don’t see why there’s anything wrong with that.

Today, leading tech platforms are giving users the chance to come forward and showcase their creativity with fabulous content. And in return, they’re getting a huge sum of money to enable brand exposure for various audiences.

So many creators are now getting the chance to create big fan followings through content that comprises short-duration videos made in vertical designs while being posted for various people to see.

The new endeavor is called the latest creative challenge across the app and it’s reimagining how such collaborations occur and also making it so much simpler to bring together creators through big brands so as to produce ads and create more money on the app.

This new rollout on the app would give creators the chance to explore various types of ad postings that are dubbed challenges. They are allowed to put out original content ads whenever publishing content of their choice.

After the whole submission process gets complete, creators would be pinged for any changes if required. And they’ll also be allowed to appeal that too. After receiving a nod of approval, some ads will not get posted further across a creator’s profile. However, it would serve as advertisements across the app’s main Feed.

Coming down to the payment process, well, it’s not exactly a clear-cut path to follow.

All the rewards across a certain video would depend more on the likes of a few metrics such as video views and getting the right conversions. This means that despite conducting work on high-quality videos, there are chances that a creator attains no payment as a whole.

Meanwhile, another point that experts are raising on this matter has to do with the duration with which brands may run ads. It’s never mentioned across any release but it’s still a pivotal point of information worth as there are so many influencers out there who could potentially lose money.

For instance, the rate at which influencers change totally has to do with the figure of followers they entail. Moreover, what appears to be a great payment for some right now may not be the same for other followers across the board like if an influencer rises to fame overnight, it would ensure their presence is worth several times more.

Similarly, another feature worth a glance at is that longer ad runs could result in influencers charging significantly more for content being developed. Such campaigns minimalize the time taken by creators spend searching for brands.

It just reduces the autonomy that creators have related to such fee structures being charged.

To take part in such challenges, creators need to be above the minimum age limit of 18 and be in ownership of accounts that are based across the US. They’ve got nearly 50k followers and continue to follow major guidelines.

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