TikTok’s New Keyword Filters Give Parents More Control Over Content That Kids Are Exposed To

The rising trend of social media among the younger generation means saying hello to greater means of regulation.

There’s a lot to be mindful of online and that’s why the app is providing parents with a long list of tools to oversee the content that younger audiences are exposed to. Think along the lines of more tools that manage to do just that and recently, TikTok has launched a new option called Family Pairing.

This gives parents the chance to block any videos depending on the list of custom keywords on offer, including the addition of more filters that cover mature content.

TikTok launched the feature with a blog post that mentioned how this new filtering tool for content would give people the chance to see which videos they’d like to see and which hashtags they would rather delete than see on the app’s feed.

This was the point when they felt that the new tool for filtering content would give people the chance to filter videos using terms as well as hashtags that they would like to avoid. Now, we’re hearing more from kids’ parents and guardians about how they would prefer a longer list of ways to make topics more customized so that it’s more kid-friendly or age appropriate for the younger lot.

The tool getting launched today is going straight to Family Pairing so which gives caregivers more power and authority to limit the chance of seeing how a teenager sees content online and remove anything that they feel is not right.

As can be witnessed in several images released by the firm today, the filters are completely built into the app and help to give content the kick it needs in terms of getting rid of offensive content found on kids’ feeds by pulling in video content linked to clowns.

And if you’re wondering what’s wrong with clowns, well, they do tend to make people uneasy and scare them too. Most importantly, it’s weird and why not get rid of them from the start?

With new filters getting added for keywords, this would apply to so many videos that entail a specific term found inside descriptions. Similarly, you can find them inside stickers that are a part of the clip so that in the end, it won’t get rid of the chances of content that’s been said. But it might provide more ways to reduce exposure to material dubbed as disturbing on the platform.

On such fronts, we can see how the platform ended up giving rise to another initiative called Youth Council that would see apps like this work side by side with teenagers to create effective means for safety as well as managing users.

In terms of how to generate engagement on a routine basis with nearly 50 experts from all over the globe, the company’s councils for content as well as safety sat down and provided another chance for the youngsters to have their say.

The company says it looks forward to sharing more views on this front, in regard to how youngsters may guarantee their participation.

By teenagers gaining more insights through their own hard work and skill, it’s sure to make the app better in terms of managing various elements. Moreover, you’re bound to see direct input arise from those affected and that could work at developing enhanced tools to meet a person’s needs.

It would similarly protect user privacy on the platform.

Today, the app has really turned into a tool for interactions for the young generation and it’s believed that more than half of the population in the 13 to 17 age bracket uses it regularly.

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